11 Great Marketing Tools For SMBs

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There are numerous tools that are aimed at making the life of a marketer better, simpler, and a whole lot more efficient. Although it can be nerve-wracking for marketers to commit to a new tool, here are 11 of our favourite ones for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs).

1. GetResponse

The market is already crowded with automation and marketing tools. GetResponse is that perfect breath of fresh air. This tool incorporates webinars, automation processes, email marketing, mobile-ready landing pages, databases with over 500 forms of designs, and classy A/B testing functionalities. They charge from $15 to $145 every month— a very competitive price. 

2. BrandMentions

BrandMentions is the perfect spying tool for marketers — it lets you know when you or your chosen competitor are mentioned on the internet. This spying tool works for web pages, words, names, or any other character combinations that strike your fancy. The tool provides a clear break from social and content mentions, hence making stalking very easy.

You can receive as many notifications as you'd like, keeping you ahead of the competition. You can currently use BrandMentions for free (it's in its Beta phase). 

3. SEMRush

It doesn't matter if you just need to measure your efforts or keep tabs on your competitors; SEMRush is the cream of the crop.

SEMRush provides you with: your competitors' keywords, their budget and strategies, their display adverts, as well as the videos that they have used in their market campaigns.

The tool has immense power, and the Pro plan is offered at $70 per month. However, many SMBs can find enough use of the existing functions in the free version.  

4. ClearVoice

The creation of content for your business is not all about writing a simple blog post and having it published. You need to discover various topics, plan your calendar well, hire freelancers, create and edit the content, publish it, and make sure that it is properly distributed.

You can apply several tools to get all these done, or you can just rely on one — ClearVoice. This tool will do all of this for you; it gathers all the information that you need, hence facilitating a sound content strategy.

5. Followerwonk

A lot is happening in the Twittersphere.

How can a marketer possibly keep up with everyone who is important to their business? The solution is called Followerwonk. Built by Moz, this tool is used by marketers to analyze their Twitter network as well as helping them to connect to new industry influencers and leaders. The tool also lets a marketer know when they gain or lose followers.

Folloerwonk is free for the first 50 days. Alternatively you can sign up for $29 a month (this provides you with three profiles) or $80 a month (for 20 profiles).

6. Hiplay

We've all heard of Buffer.

Hiplay is the extended version of this. Hiplay — a set-and-forget tool — allows your to repurpose your evergreen content. Once you connect your social media profiles to the platform, choose your desired evergreen posts, and let Hiplay sort out the rest.

7. Camtasia

You no longer have to rely on several tools to create the right video, make it professional, and edit it to your needs. Instead, you can now use Camtasia to take care of all your multimedia needs; it'll finish everything from start to finish.

The app allows users to edit visual and audio (on a separate basis) recording, and include video and webcam footage.

8. Answer The Public

This is how Answer The Public works: enter your chosen keywords, and a 'Seeker' will provide you with a list of concerning ideas and question.

The tool is not only fun to use, but also a lifesaver for many marketers. 

9. Narrow

It is not easy to build a useful and legitimate Twitter account that has many followers.

Introducing Narrow. It helps you identify and develop your target audience, the right hashtags to use, locations, and related keywords.

Marketers can use this analysis to help better retain their audience while keeping a track of their account's overall performance.

10. ezGIF’s

There's more to GIFs than Reddit or Buzzfeed.

Use ezGIF’s to resize, optimize, and resize all your GIFs. The tool provides you with many features that you would not usually have access to with other PNG optimizers. 

11. Hubspot

This tool is great for both professional and novice marketers, as it helps generate great assets for their company.


Did we miss any great marketing tools for SMBs? Let us know in the comments below! 

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