18 Logo Design Trends Emerging Today

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Like every other niche related to the design industry, logo design trends are ever-changing. Every year new trends come and go, and 2017 has been no exception. If you are an entrepreneur, recognizing these trends can give you an edge over the competition. Although there are a few timeless best practices, keeping track of the changing trends is a must if you want to attract new clients.

Keep in mind, logos are meant to be the face of your business. They represent the company’s unique identity and are part of its core brand. There are many different types of logo, and many companies have used these images to become recognized around the world. Who doesn’t think about McDonald’s when seeing golden arches? Branding your business with a unique and memorable design can have a major impact on its success.

Here we will go over 18 logo design trends that have seen a recent rise in popularity. If you’re in the process of creating your businesses brand, this list will help give you an edge.

1. Fades 

Using fades on your logo design to interlace the image with the surface is a trend that has grown in popularity this year. Fades can conjure up a feeling of freshness, or the idea of something emerging out of nowhere.


2. Shadow Breaks

For this concept, designers forgo the hard-line break and instead go for a dimensional break which is created by using a shadow. This technique makes the logo look more realistic, because viewers get a sense of lines crossing over each other.


3. Bold Typography

Large, daring fonts are a great way to catch someone’s attention. Plus, as people use their mobile devices more and more, bold typography will stand out more on the smaller screens and will catch the eye.


4. Simplicity

This style is not only simple, but brilliant. This is a technique in which simple shapes are arranged and put together to form an altogether different image. For example, using squares, triangles and rectangles to make a house. If you were to separate these shapes, they mean nothing, but together, they form an image everyone can recognize.


5. Rising Color 

This is a technique in which the intensity of a color increases as it crosses over each other. It’s a great way to add depth and dimension to your logo.


6. Google Fonts

The great thing about Google Fonts is their versatility. Besides the amazing fact you have access to over 800 different free fonts, they are easy to design with, and look great on just about any kind of blog or website you are building.


7. Simple Overlay

This was popular in the past and is making a comeback. It’s a simple design that is used by many major companies, including MetLife and MasterCard. It’s a great way for businesses to convey transparency, and build trust with its clients.


8. Line Art 

As minimalism grows in popularity, line art logos have seen a rise in popularity. It’s simple and direct, while eliminating unnecessary information.

Some tips you may want to keep in mind when using line art to create a logo include keeping it simple and easy to understand, and trying to avoid long or narrow shapes.


9. Black and White

Keeping with the minimalist trend, many companies are choosing a more clean and modern look with black and white logos. They look great in almost any setting, and can be easily reproduced.


10. Multicentric

If you are creating a company that relates to broadcasting in any way, this is a great style to use. The circles and concentric stripes invoke a feeling of starting in the center and moving outwards, like radio waves.


11. Authentic Photos

The amount of content that is created increases every year, which means there is an increase in the need for high-quality images. Although there are tons of free images that you can use, they tend to be generic and overused. Using an authentic photo will set you apart from the others, and also makes sure the image you are using hasn’t been already been seen a million times.


12. Hand-Drawn Graphics and Icons

Another way to really set yourself apart from the competition is by designing and drawing your own icon. The market is full of new businesses, and coming up with an original icon is becoming harder than ever. By drawing your own design you can be sure that you have an original icon that nobody else is using.


13. Text Boxes

This technique uses words by incorporating them into a block of color to make a logo design. You can also reverse the background and text for a more highlighted effect. Instead of just inserting words in a circle or box, the graphics are used to bring the focus to the word.


14. Doubles

For this logo design, a single line is used to create two images that interlink with each other. It is easy to design, and resembles some sort of puzzle. It easily catches the eye, and invites people to try to follow the line with their eyes or finger.


15. Pasta Bands

This is a newer technique used by designers in an effort to create a more realistic, three-dimensional icon. By using gradients, highlights and shadows, you have a shape that stands out and says you have substance. The realistic effect can leave viewers feeling like the company has something real to offer.


16. Color Splits

This takes the monoline approach to a different level by adding color to create a new twist or dimension. Google uses this technique, and changes the colors of its icon depending on the time of year or current event. It’s a great way to take single line design, and transform it to give more meaning with colors.


17. Yin and Yang

The symbolism of Yin and Yang goes back for hundreds of years and brings to mind the coming together of two different entities. Companies use this style to relate to the customer that it is willing to work with them to ensure satisfaction.


18. Wings

This logo design gives the impression of being able to rise above the problems and issues to find a solution. The wings also indicate flight and create a sense of inspiration.

Every generation is different and in an effort to continue being relevant and follow the trends, many of the top businesses in the world have modified their logos. Companies use their logo design as an anchor for its brand, which has become the most visible manifestation in the market. By keeping in mind the trends mentioned in the list above, you should be able to create a logo design that is both unique, and comprehensible to anyone who views it.

Beside the information mentioned above, designing and creating a great logo takes skill and technical knowledge. Unfortunately, not all of us possess these types of designing skills. There are however some great freelancers that can design and create a professional logo for your new company. This option allows you to spend your time on the actual building and running of your business.

If you’re a freelancer who has some great design ideas you would like share with others, please leave a comment in the box below.

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