23 Of The Best T-Shirt Design Ideas Ever

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A picture is worth a thousand words. And numerous statistics and studies show that the use of visual media like images and GIFs is a much better way to market your brand compared to other forms of marketing.

In fact:

  • According to Brain Rules, 65% of people will remember a piece of information if it’s paired with visuals.
  • According to the CMO Council, about 65% of senior marketers believe that the key to communicating their brand story lies in using visual content.

There are no two ways about it. If you want to boost your brand awareness, you have no choice but to employ visual media in order to attract new customers.

But how should you go about it?

Well, you have multiple choices. But one of the best ways to enhance your brand’s visibility is by creating branded t-shirts.

So, how do you go about choosing the right t-shirt design?

Never fear. To start you off, we’ve put together a list of the 23 best t-shirt design ideas courtesy of our freelance graphic designers. They should serve as some inspiration for your brand marketing efforts.

01. The Street Warrior Skateboard T-Shirt Design Idea 

Street warrior t-shirt design idea

Designed by Juniorands

Do you have a skateboard-related business? Are you interested in graphic designs related to gothic, punk, grunge, extreme, or cartoon characters? This street warrior-themed illustration should serve as inspiration when you begin to design a t-shirt for your business.

02. Galactic T-Shirt Design Idea 

Galactic themed t-shirt design idea

Designed by Akazuk

Are you interested in the mysteries of the universe? Does your business have any relationship with space? This galactic-themed t-shirt design should serve as a great starting point in your brand marketing efforts.

03. The Favorite Sports Player T-Shirt Design Idea 

Favorite sports player t-shirt design idea

Designed by Akazuk

People love to celebrate their favorite sports players and themes. If you have a printing business you may want to look at sports-related designs featuring your customers’ favorite sports, players, and teams. The sports player t-shirt design should serve as an inspiration in that regard.

04. Multi-Purpose Quirky T-Shirt Design Idea

Quirky t-shirt design idea

Designed by Franstyas  

What if you have a business catering to quirky clientele that want interesting designs? Take a good hard look at the multi-purpose quirky t-shirt design that can be scaled up or down to other items for branding purposes. Use it as inspiration to come up with unique designs for your business.

05. The Self-Expression T-Shirt Design IdeaSelf-expression man illustration t-shirt design idea

Designed by Franstyas  

Wouldn’t you like to have interesting and quirky designs that you can print not just on t-shirts but also items like mugs as a way of expressing yourself? Here’s an interesting design that epitomizes self-expression.

06. Motivational T-Shirt Design Idea

Motivational t-shirt design idea

Designed by Franstyas

Have you considered getting a motivational t-shirt for yourself as a pick-me up? How about running a business that designs t-shirts with motivational quotes? The motivational t-shirt design is a good example of how you can make such designs work.

07. Company Mascot T-Shirt Design Idea

Company mascot t-shirt design idea

Designed by Antonioriveroccs

Do you have a company mascot that you would like to use to popularize your business? Why not borrow a leaf from this company mascot t-shirt design and get people to take notice of your brand and contact you?

08. The Causes-Themed T-Shirt Design Idea

Causes-themed t-shirt design idea

Designed by Franstyas

Do you have a special cause you want to promote? Well then, use t-shirts to spread the message about the issues close to your heart. This causes-themed t-shirt design, used to promote the welfare of horses, is a good example of how effective t-shirt brand marketing can be in this regard.

09. In Praise Of Personal Hobbies T-Shirt Design Idea

Hobbies t-shirt design idea

Designed by DarinaVasileva

Who said that you can’t share your hobbies with the world? Just wear a t-shirt expressing your love for personal hobbies and start the conversation!

10. So-What? T-Shirt Design Idea

So what? t-shirt design idea

Designed by DarinaVasileva

Certain sections of the society frown upon some types of activities. You may not be able to tell everyone where to jump off, but you can certainly make a statement via your t-shirt design. Let your t-shirt do the talking. Use the so-what? t-shirt design idea as inspiration against your detractors.

11. The Cool Hipster T-Shirt Design Idea

Zombie hipster t-shirt design idea 

Designed by Ozafebri

Are you are cool person? Want a cool and unique t-shirt design that represents how awesome you and your customers are? Let the cool hipster t-shirt design be your guide when creating your own unique designs.

12. Technologically Advanced T-Shirt Design Idea

QR code t-shirt design

Designed by Akazuk

In this era of internet marketing, some clients will want creative t-shirt designs, and some want creative designs with scannable QR codes. Use the technologically advanced t-shirt design to guide you when creating internet-marketing-friendly designs for your own business.

13. Symbolic Abstract T-Shirt Design Idea

Symbolic abstract t-shirt design idea

Designed by Nixshtrumphx

It is possible to portray emotions in an abstract (and cool) manner. This symbolic abstract t-shirt design should help jumpstart your own t-shirt design efforts should you aim to go in this direction.

14. For The Love Of Astronomy T-Shirt Design Idea

Astronaut t-shirt design idea

Designed by MayonPunx

There are millions of fans out there who LOVE astronomy. And while they may not be able to travel to the moon, they can certainly dream. If this sounds like you or your customers, use this t-shirt design idea created for all the lovers of astronomy to promote your brand!

15. Fantasy-Themed T-Shirt Design Idea

Fantasy vine t-shirt design idea

Designed by Kcjneththie

Some people believe that there is more out there than what we see and they have no problems with expressing their love of fantastical things. This fantasy-themed t-shirt design is a good starting point if you want to create beautiful designs for your clients.

16. Gothic-Themed Skateboard T-Shirt Design Idea

Zombie queen skateboard t-shirt design idea

Different skateboard businesses will attract different crowds. And some members of those crowds will be fans of gothic themes. If you deal with crowds of this nature, a gothic-themed logo is in order. This gothic –themed skateboard business t-shirt design will inspire you to create something unique for your business.

17. Dark Street-Themed T-Shirt Design Idea

Dark themed gorilla t-shirt design idea

Designed by Antonioriveroccs

This design screams darkness and intensity. Not to mention it's a pretty rad illustration. Want to express these things on your t-shirt? Have a look at the dark street-themed t-shirt design. Find your inspiration and get started!

18. Alternative Lifestyle T-Shirt Design Idea 

Rich lives matter illustration t-shirt design

Designed by Ozafebri

You want to define an alternative way of life and share it with others? Sometimes, the simplest designs will be the best way to describe your vision - with some edge! Let this alternative lifestyle t-shirt design be your guide when you craft your own edgy t-shirt designs.

19. Parodies Of World-Renowned Brands T-Shirt Design Idea

Parody of well-known brands t-shirt design idea

Designed by Akazuk

Parodying world renowned stories, movies, and the like may be the best way to get away with printing your own version of your favorite brands. Theis poison spice themed t-shirt design is a great example of how you can get away with doing so.

20. Gaming-Themed T-Shirt Design Idea

Gaming t-shirt design idea

Designed by Antonioriveroccs

Gamers can be very passionate about their hobby and lifestyle. It's a growing industry, whether you're a gamer or not. And this gaming-themed t-shirt design can help you promote your brand and attract the gaming community. 

21. Cool Prints T-Shirt Design Idea

Custom typography t-shirt design idea

Designed by Antonioriveroccs

People want to wear interesting clothes. It's that simple. All you have to do is provide them with cool prints on their t-shirts. Let this t-shirt design with cool prints inspire you to come up with your own for your target clients.

22. Fantasy Skull T-Shirt Design Idea

Fantasy skull t-shirt design idea

Designed by Antonioriveroccs

How about creating a cool fantasy t-shirt for your clients? This fantasy-skull t-shirt should inspire you to create awesome illustrations for your business.

23. Start Living T-Shirt Design Idea

Start living motivational t-shirt design idea

Designed by Antonioriveroccs

Want to inspire people to make life happen? Let this motivational t-shirt design idea help you get started with your own creations.

Want To Wear The Best T-Shirts?

Whether it’s for business or pleasure what you wear has the ability to make a difference to how you or your business is perceived.   

If you want to slick it back in the coolest t-shirt designs ever, Freelancer.com is the place for you! After all, you are what you wear. So, why not dress in style?

If you want to try something different, be sure to check out some of the best graffiti fonts available. They'd make for an awesome t-shirt design. 

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