There are literally thousands of projects posted everyday by employers from all over the world on the site, looking for people just like you to come online and work from the other side of the globe. But, did you ever wonder if your services could be needed a little closer to home? The answer is YES!


They are your neighbours who need help setting up software on their computers, that need help moving houses, that need help taking photos of their new line of homemade soap products, your neighbors that... well, you get the idea.

So what are your talents? What can employers in your city hire you to do? Are you a passionate Web developer by day and a buffed-out handyman by night?

Here are three short steps to set up for Freelancer Local:

1. Add your location to your profile.

It’s so easy and so simple. Did you even know that you could add your location to your profile? As I’m sure you can imagine, it can be quite tough completing Local projects when you can’t see them, so make sure to add your location and get notified when there is someone in your city who needs you.


Add your location here.

2. Add your skills.

Have you got skills? At Freelancer we’ve always wanted to know what your online skills are, but now we want to know more. If you’re a handyman, an undiscovered photography talent, a master of furniture assembly, if you have any Local skills then start putting them to use


Add your skills here

3. Fix up & look sharp.

One of the main differences about being selected for a local project is that when the employer chooses you, they are -- in most cases -- agreeing to meet you in person. With this in mind, we strongly recommend using a nice image of yourself rather than a company logo or a place holder.


Update your display picture here

Postado 2 dezembro, 2015

Joe Smith

5 years experience as a Handyman

For the past 5 years I have been working as a handyman in the Sydney area. I specialise in carpentry but have had experience doing all sorts of renovations all around the city.

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