52 Incredible Women In Marketing We Should All Be Following On Twitter

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One of the best things you can do to improve your skills and learn new marketing techniques is to follow the experts. The 52 women in this list are a great place to start. They all have a different story to tell, but they are all marketing experts.


1. Mari Smith

Known as one of the world's foremost experts on Facebook marketing for small businesses, as well as being accomplished author.


2. Bri Clark

The owner of Belle Consult and has helped thousands of business owners develop effective social media marketing campaigns.


3. Sonja Simone 

Best known as a marketing podcaster and blogger as well as being the chief commercial officer for Rainmaker Digital.


4. Brittany Berger

Senior member of the team at Mention while also running her own website where she teaches marketing to small businesses.


5. Avery Swartz 
As well as being actively involved in promoting female tech executives, she also runs Camp Tech, an IT training company.


6. Tracy Hermans 

The holder of many senior tech roles in major companies, most recently as the director of global e-commerce at the cosmetics manufacturer Urban Decay.


7. Ashley Chapokas 

As well as being WebLinc Commerce's lead frontend developer, she is also active in helping children develop coding skills.


8. Olga Andrienko 

Works for the well-known marketing company SEMrush as head of social media and is one of the most actively engaged marketing executives in tech.


9. Purna Virji 

You may have seen Purna Virji's articles on Search Engine Watch, although her main job is at Microsoft as the senior PPC training manager for Bing.


10. Henneke Duistermaat 

A prolific blogger who writes on all things marketing. You’ll see her articles on Copyblogger as well as her own website, Enchanting Marketing.


11. Maile Ohye 

A former senior employee at Google who is now a speaker and writer.


12. Pam Neely 

An award-winning blogger known and one of the most influential content marketers in the world.


13. Madalyn Sklar 

A Twitter marketing expert who runs regular Twitter chats and live podcasts. She is also a consultant and business coach.


14. Tara Clapper 

With over 20 years’ experience as a writer, Tara Clapper has worked at SEMrush and other popular websites. She’s also a founder of the women's only community The Geek Initiative.


15. Clare McDermott 

Runs SoloPortfolio, a firm that provides content, as well as being the editor of the magazine Chief Content Officer.


16. Margaret Magnarelli 

An editor extraordinaire working as both the executive editor at Money and the managing editor at Monster.com.


17. Ann Smarty 

You’ll probably have seen the name Ann Smarty before as she has written for everything from the Ney York Times to Mashable. She’s also an entrepreneur and the brand manager at Internet Ninjas Marketing.


18. Stephanie Schwab 

With 20 years’ experience in marketing she currently runs Crackerjack Marketing in Chicago.


19. Keesa Schreane 

Works for Thomson Reuters as a director responsible for things like marketing platforms and analytics. She is also a popular podcaster.


20. Pamela Vaughn 

HubSpot’s principal marketing manager and is best known for increasing its traffic and leads by 200 percent over two years.


21. Nisha Chittal 

The winner of the Forbes' #30Under30 award who currently works for Tasting Table as the director of audience development.


22. Sarah Hofstetter 

Remember the Oreo's tweet that went ridiculously viral in 2013? That was the work of Sarah Hofstetter.


23. Kate Lee 

Was once the content director at Medium and has held a number of other high-profile positions.


24. Ashley Zeckman 

The director of agency marketing at TopRank, she is also a prolific blogger.


25. Pam Kozelka 

The Content Marketing Institute's chief operating officer.


26. Stephanie Diamond 

With a career that dates back to AOL in 1994, Stephanie Diamond is one of the most experienced online marketing professionals in the world.


27. Stephanie Tilton 

A blogger with over 20 years marketing experience. She also holds many high-profile positions.


28. Ann Handley 

Marketing Profs head of content marketing and an author.


29. Pam Didner 

An author, marketing strategist, and West Virginia University professor.


30. Pam Moore 

A popular live speaker and a well-known social media influencer.


31. Deana Goldasich 

The CEO of Well Planned Web.


32. Sue B. Zimmerman 

Runs Insta-Results and is an Instagram marketing expert.


33. Kathleen Burns 

SEMrush's managing editor and community manager.


34. Jade Philips 

A prolific blogger who is also active in communities that support women in business.


35. Joanna Wiebe 

A well-known writer who also created Copy Hackers.


36. Kelsey Jones 

An entrepreneur, speaker, marketing consultant, and executive editor at Search Engine Journal, among other things.


37. Becky Shindell 

Hosts the #semrushchat Twitter chat and is a social media marketing expert.


38. Erika Heald 

A PR expert and host of the Twitter chat #ContentChat.


39. Heather Lutze 

You may have seen Heather Lutze on Oprah. She also owns the Findability University.


40. Ann Rockley 

An author, speaker, and CEO of the Rockley Group.


41. Wendy Stengel 

A speaker as well as the National Association of Realtors' content strategist.


42. Gini Dietrich 

An author, blogger, podcaster and marketing entrepreneur.


43. Morgan Eisler 

A user experience expert at Okta and a well-regarded UX expert.


44. Carro Ford 

An author and PR professional.


45. Danielle Tate 

An entrepreneur who actively helps other female business owners to be successful.


46. Courtney Seiter 

A marketing professional who is active in communities that promote female entrepreneurs as well as working at Buffer.


47. Andrea Ames 

The enterprise content experience strategist at IBM as well as being a speaker and educator.


48. Rita Cidre 

Zillow Group's marketing director.


49. Yael Kochman 

A regular blogger on sites like SEMrush, she’s also Mapp's head of content and inbound.


50. Julia McCoy 

A prolific blogger on marketing topics as well as an author and podcaster.


51. Michelle Killebrew 

Entrepreneur and former group vice president of Fisher Investments and an award-winning marketing professional.


52. Alex Hisaka

LinkedIn's head of global content marketing.


The women in the above list have varied roles, responsibilities, and backgrounds. They all, however, are influential in marketing and can teach you how to improve in your career.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

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