7 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas That Are Never Too Late to Try

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Valentine’s Day is a much celebrated event that’s immensely capitalized by businesses big and small. Perhaps it’s because all of us can relate to the reason behind the special day -- love. Whether you’re selling one of the conventional Valentine gifts or not, you can still go along with the hype.


We’re two days away from Valentine’s Day. Have you launched any marketing campaign in line with the event? If you haven’t done anything yet, then we’re a match. You need ideas, while we have a few on our list to share.

Here are last-minute Valentine marketing ideas that can give your brand some lovin’.

1. Bundle items in your online store which your customers can buy at a discounted price. You can offer this exclusively for your email subscribers if you want to grow your list.

2. The best way to engage your audience is by posting a contest. Here are some ideas:

- most romantic Valentine card contest
- a photo contest where entries emanate unconditional love
- a fill-in-the-blank contest (ex. If I were Cupid, I would _____)

Run the contest for one day so the winner can enjoy the prize on Valentine’s Day. You can do it on Facebook or via Freelancer Contest.

3. Offer free shipping or free wrapping for gift sets via email. Since it’s a last-minute promo, it’s best to target people near you to make sure that their gifts will arrive on time. Make this available for a limited time only. You can say that they should place an order within the next 14 hours to create urgency.

4. Although it is claimed to be the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Come up with a Valentine package for singlebelles (single ladies). Whether you’re selling beauty products or pampering services, you can offer customized packages as your special treat.

5. Since men are most likely to turn the world upside down in finding the perfect gift for their lady love, offer coupons on social media targeted to your male followers. They can redeem the discount online or in your actual store.

6. Don’t forget everybody’s last resort -- gift cards. We don’t think giving one is the least romantic thing to do. Gift cards give the recipients the freedom to choose and buy the items they really want. Isn’t that sweet enough?

7. No matter what industry your business belongs to, you can still send a Valentine mailer to greet your subscribers. Write down copy where you can connect your brand with love. Tickle their hearts and just keep the connection alive.

One important tip -- all your marketing campaigns in different channels should lead to your website. It will help increase your site’s traffic and let your customers know you and your products better. Always think of your site’s potential to convert a visitor into a customer, so make sure they’ll be landing on the right pages.

Which among these marketing ideas do you think you can work on now? Even if it’s only two days left before Valentine’s Day, like falling in love, it’s never too late to try. ❤


Are you thinking of a post-Valentine’s project? We’re only halfway through the love month so there’s still time to do something really interesting. If you need help, you can always hire freelancers to get the job done.

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