8 Website Design Trends That Are Hot Right Now

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As with anything, designers need to keep up with the latest trends. From color, to graphics, to animation, knowing exactly what to use, what works, and what is sure to make a company’s online presence blow up is essential for staying ahead of the fray and becoming a true digital standout. Here we offer a rundown of some of the latest design trends to take center stage thus far in 2017.


Big (Actually Huge) and Bold Background Images

With the proliferation of stock photo sites, the images from which to choose are more plentiful than ever. And the trend right now seems to be the bolder and bigger, the better.  Opening screens are being consumed by one massive photo. Why? Think about it, pictures are inviting, they’re captivating, and they have an uncanny ability to play upon people’s emotions. And now with a wide variety of filters and effects, you can make that explosive initial image look ultra-realistic (to the point of being grainy), or perhaps you might decide on more of a painted effect. Either way, that gigantic first page pic is a design trend with which you might certainly want to experiment.


Single Page Sites

Convenience, efficiency and shortcuts are the name of the game in today’s world of website design. The single page site just makes sense. All of the information you need regarding a company and/or product is right there. Want to know how to get in touch? The contact info is readily accessible at the bottom. Need to know more about the services? Just scroll down a strip or two. Why force users to jump through proverbial hoops in the form of endless pages. Give it to them all up front, in one all inclusive, easy-to-navigate web page.


Video Backgrounds

This trend is just cool. With videos gaining in quality and popularity, enhancing one’s site with a video background of some sort helps take that site to a whole new level. Visually interesting and stimulating, this background experience allows users yet another layer of complexity and depth as they come into your site. Plus, it’s a great way to add an element of “story” to your page. There are some tremendously talented video professionals out there who can help you create a dynamic piece to use as part of your website’s backdrop.


Minimalist Design Emphasizing Content

Along with pictures and video, of course language has a story to tell too! More and more, designers are beginning to recognize this. So rather than bury the text and hide the descriptions, they are bringing words to the forefront. Various minimalist design techniques are allowing that content to be the star of the show. This is why working with a gifted content writer and creating copy that really engages is absolutely critical, now more than ever.


Letting the Words Standalone

Along the same lines as granting greater importance to the content itself, is the trend toward letting the words—a few simple, yet bold words—standalone on a page. If the screen is a canvas, bold words and large fonts are the new paints. You’d be amazed at how powerful and artistic you can make a single phrase or sentence look on your site.


Animation—Yes Please!

A website needs to be about not simply capturing a user’s attention but enrapturing that user in some ways. Moving images and animated graphics are becoming incredibly trendy for precisely this reason. People like to be entertained. Including animation in your webs design goes a long way toward this end. Aligning animated elements with your marketing strategy and overall brand are very important. Thus, enlisting the help of an animation professional may be just what you need to give your design the extra oomph it needs.


Explainer Videos

On the rise in 2016, these are still one of the hottest web design trends to come along in awhile. Really give your visitors an eye into your company, show them how a product works, entertain and engage! And as they are becoming even more affordable to create, most companies now have such a video in some form or another, either right on their page, a YouTube channel or even their social media platforms. A highly effective design strategy that also lets you have a little fun—what could be more trendy than that…


First Page Numerals

People gravitate toward facts and figures. Seeing “hard” numbers right off the bat, users are more apt to believe in what you have to say. Large numbers representing a variety of statistics, from clients served to products sold, to countries engaged, help add weight and validity to any site.  Counters are definitely the new “in” thing to have on your home page.


Just as with fashion, web design also has trends that are hip and hot, and others, not so much. Your company needs to keep up to date on what effective design strategies are being used, while remaining true to who you are and your overall message. A talented freelance web designer can certainly assist you in walking this ever so crucial line.

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