8 Tips How to Scale Your SEO Business Told By a Professional

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SEO is a hot topic nowadays, and it's not going to slow down anytime soon; in fact, it’s likely to increase as competition becomes stiffer by the day. Many companies have identified the power of SEO, so they employ services to remain on top of search engines. Getting a good SEO company who can deliver for your business is as important as any other marketing tool. There are many SEO companies each trying to capture a slice of the market, but how do you run a successful SEO business?

Kotton Grammer is an authority on SEO, who attracts more than 150 clients monthly. Here’s what he has to say on the subject:

What Will Keep You in Business Is Your Backend

Kotton is smart, and he does not need to rely on employees to do his job. He has a unique way of making things simple, which has enabled him to perform efficiently. For him, research and development are essential for anyone interested in remaining on top of the competition, and by committing to research he’s always getting the best ideas to succeed. You can’t be afraid of doing the odd stuff in the industry, as it will only hamper your prospects - so he finds pleasure in doing everything to do with SEO. He’s a force to reckon with as a result, but he continues to learn and improve his skills, and that’s how he remains on top of the game.

Knowledge Will Keep You in Business

Knowledge is your biggest asset, and it speaks for itself. You create value for your business by meeting your client’s expectations. When people can draw a relationship between what you are charging and the value they are getting, then they forget the money issue. Kotton equates knowledge to currency. Understanding what your customers want and combining that with your experience, creates the knowledge base that catapults business above the competition. This knowledge is what your clients are looking for in a good business partner. You can read further about the importance of knowledge to a business by reading this article by infoentreprenures.com.

Kotton adds another dimension; acting with purpose alongside your knowledge, as a way of keeping you in business for a long time.

You Make Money through Client Acquisition

There is nothing wrong with ranking, Kotton asserts, but site visitors need to convert to customers for you to make money. The way to convert visitors to clients lies partly in knowing what customers are looking for. Kotton is not short of building relationships either; he understands the marketing power of strong business relationships, combined with an understanding of what clients want. There is a strong correlation between long term success with long term relationships; you need to know how to grow your business relationships with clients you’ve acquired. You can also read further on converting visitors to customers by reading this article on Quicksprout.com

You Must Know How to Communicate Effectively

To win customers, you need to have confidence as you articulate what you can deliver. It’s detrimental to your business if you doubt what you are communicating. Kotton stresses that you should make it clear to the customer what you’ll do, and how you’ll do it. If you are confident in communicating, clients will be confident you can deliver.

Communication is helpful while negotiating deals for your business, and explaining policies that build lasting relationships. If you would like to learn further on this topic, click this link.

Client retention, communication, customer acquisition and SEO - Kotton says nothing should be overlooked.

Focus On What Matters

Sometimes without knowing it, you can waste a lot of time being seen and heard, and lose track of your ultimate goal. Kotton talks of keeping the limelight to a bare minimum and focusing on job delivery instead. He’s better left to do the job because, at the end of the day, there are reports which could answer the questions clients want to know.

He does only one meeting monthly or when there is an emergency, spending the rest of the time doing the job itself. It is the secret of why he’s able to remain efficient, and achieve results. This article by Neil Patel might assist you in how to focus on what matters for your business.

Turn Clients into Employees

Turning customers into employees is what Kotton refers to as value transfer. Your clients can help grow your SEO business if you know how to turn them into employees. He does it this way; he will offer a free SEO to your business if you refer three clients to his business. He believes in referrals through word of mouth. Let’s put it mathematically. Take three clients, each with a service for $7000, and you have already made $21000. You don’t mind extending a free service to the business who made these referrals.This may be the most effective way of building relationships. Friends or those with trusted opinions are powerful influencers. Your clients have friends and confidants who need SEO services. If they’re satisfied with your service, they can be your clients-employees.

Business Is A Marathon Not A Race

Kotton warns of trying to make a quick kill, as your reputation matters. For instance, once you sign a deal with a client and he makes a down payment, he expects service delivery within agreed timelines. You could be trapped into accepting another assignment in between, and you jeopardize delivery for both jobs. Kotton's advice is on approaching it slowly, but in a calculated way. The client who is satisfied will be with you for a long time, and therefore, business will keep coming. That is harnessing the art of thinking long-term in business.

On their part, Think Creative's advice to entrepreneurs is to think long-term, because a business is a marathon, not a sprint. You can read the entire article by clicking this link.

Make Strategic Partnerships

Making a strategic collaboration with companies that are not offering SEO could give your business a constant flow of customers. There are web design companies, mobile applications companies, online PR companies and a whole list of firms which offer services in IT, but don’t do SEO. Make partnerships with these businesses and have it tied to a defined compensation plan. You can indicate to them that for every client they introduce, they will earn a 1% commission out of what that client pays.

Make it official by putting it in writing. Deliver a cheque to your partners within a reasonable time for your commitment to be stamped. But make sure to meet those clients objectives, because if they’re dissatisfied they’ll go straight to your partner and complain. This could affect future referrals.

You can even send partners potential clients in return, and make it a two-way street.

By following the wisdom of this SEO magnate, you will be in a position to scale your SEO business right up.

What tactics do you follow to enhance your website’s SEO? Drop a line below, and share it so others may also learn from the experts!

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