Entrepreneur Hires Freelancer for Food Delivery Business Solutions

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Andy Sartori was out with friends to grab a bite. While eating, he noticed two of his colleagues who ordered the same meal. Both of them were on a diet but have different profiles. Despite the same goal, both of them differ in a lot of ways -- gender, lifestyle, body type, and much more. His female friend was eating a little too much for her diet, while his male friend was eating too little.


“I realized that restaurants are too standard, but people are very much unique. For this reason, I started ‘MealPro’,” Andy said.


MealPro | Eat With Purpose


MealPro is a California-based online food delivery service that takes the customer's profile into account. Instead of mindlessly eating food, MealPro’s goal is to provide you with the necessary figures that would lead to the most effective and healthiest diet. “We want to learn about you (the customer) so we can serve you food that is appropriate for who you are and what your fitness goals are,” he added.


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Once their customers know what they need for a successful diet, they can visit the site’s menu page. Here, the customers can see photos of various food they can order. One feature the site offers is the pop-out details box. The box contains very detailed information about the food, from nutritional facts (protein, calorie, carbohydrate, fiber content) to its ingredients.


Through the years, human activity has been changing. Instead of walking around and taking part in various physical activities, most people tend to sit in front of their computer screens all day long. People who do so must never forget the value of health. “People are so busy with life that they choose what’s right there in front of them. Cooking takes time so people choose fast food because of its convenience. MealPro is about change, you can have healthy meals delivered to your door that take five minutes to heat and you have a healthy meal in no time,” shared Andy.


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The website was beautiful and the food was great, but Andy wanted more people to experience what MealPro has to offer. There was room for improvement and Andy wanted what was best for the people and for MealPro: He wanted to automate the process of having a nutritionist compute customer data. Instead of calling MealPro for a custom-made meal plan, Andy wanted a meal plan to be made the moment a customer wrote down his information on the site.


A friend of Andy’s suggested that he get a freelancer to do the job. He chose to hire on Freelancer.com.


Achieving Real-time on Freelancer


Having the opportunity to look at freelancer reviews was a phenomenal feature in choosing the right freelancer for the job. “We were concerned about finding qualified people in a timely manner so we posted to a few platforms, including Freelancer. Within minutes of posting on Freelancer, we had our first inquiry, and much more would follow. When sorting through candidates I was able to expand each applicant's profile and look through all of their previous projects and prior reviews. Some freelancers had repeat business of increasing value - that spoke volumes. Within three days we had awarded the bid to a freelancer and the project had begun on Freelancer,” Andy explained.


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He hired Palestinian based freelancer, Abdullah, to create a software that would calculate customer data real-time. It meant wonders for MealPro because it would, later on, lead to a greater conversion rate of customers. Instead of navigating away from the site while waiting for their customized meal plans, they would just have to wait for a second or two to get the data they want.


“Abdullah worked closely with our team. We had regular conversations and a strict timeline on deliverables. The project was completed successfully and was placed on the homepage of MealPro. Over the next few months, we would do some minor modifications in response to user feedback and testing. Prior to this automation, the typical customer lifecycle was eight weeks from Prospect to Customer. Not only did this reduce conversion time by two weeks, but it also increased conversion about by nearly 15%!” Andy added.


Andy hiring a freelancer was a great business solution. Any thoughts on improving your own business? Hire a freelancer and find YOUR solution.


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