Apps That Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

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An entrepreneur living in the 21st century could not have it easier. That is, if they know how to go about it. With a mobile phone sitting in their pockets and the world available at the click of a finger, they can have their day running smoothly.

Here are the 15 best apps that every entrepreneur should use to make this a reality: 


1. Evernote

The key to success is organisation. Evernote is a note taking app that allows you to keep ideas and reminders accessible across all your devices. At a meeting, after a conversation or in the morning as you plan your day with a to-do list, Evernote will keep you on track. It’s not just limited to text based messages, but if you find an image or a document you want to share later on, you can save it to Evernote and later access it from your laptop.


2. Slack

Slack is a professional team communication tool. Rather than being on facebook or messenger, slack allows you to create whole team conversations, send one-on-one messages and create smaller group conversations to communicate within your specific work branch from wherever you may be.


3. Uber

Modern day entrepreneurs are not going to be stuck in the office all the time. Getting from place to place will also be an issue, but with Uber, you can save money and get wherever you like, quickly. With just a click of a button you can choose your ride, select your location and watch as your driver approaches. There’s no need to make phone calls, deal with money (as you can link it to your bank account) or schedule a pick-up.


4. Buffer

It’s hard to get far without multiple marketing strategies across a range of social media sites. Buffer is an app that helps you keep an eye on all your sites, all in the once place. You can schedule, publish and analyse your posts straight from this app. If you’re not that cluey on the when to get the best results, Buffer can help you share your content at optimal times during the day, generating greater clickthroughs and views.  


5. Humin

Contacts help you progress in the entrepreneurial world but the more people you meet the harder it can be to manage it all. Humin connects your phone, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts with your calendar, email and voicemail to remind you who your contacts are and to keep you updated. It works for both professional and personal needs. 


6. Productive

The app helps you plan your day and build a routine. With an app like this it can be easy to overplan, but Productive helps you keep it practical by rewarding your commitment with streaks of 'perfect days'.


7. Pocket

This app lets you save sites, articles, videos and anything from the web to check out later when you have the time. You don’t even need to have internet access as once it is saved in Pocket it can be accessed anywhere, any time.


8. Outright

Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, you are going to need to keep up with your finances. With Outright, all your sales and expenses are automatically organised into Internal Revenue Service tax categories and you can keep track of how much you have, what you owe, and the taxes that are due.


9. Mint

This other financial app helps you monitor your bank accounts and keeps you on top of what you have spent and what you owe. Keeping organised with your money is vital in so many ways  as it reduces stress. Budgets, bills and credit scores are all kept in line, making it one less thing you will need to worry about.


10. Mailchimp

I’m sure you’ve heard of this one. It’s claimed to be the world’s leading email marketing platform with over 15 million customers. It keeps your clients updated on what you’re doing, by sending out emails on your behalf. You can send marketing emails, automated messages and targeted campaigns to your clients with the simple click of a button.


11. Scan2PDF

This one is a lifesaver. If someone has handed you a paper copy of their details, or a document of their company’s protocol that you really need to pass on to someone else, you only have two options right? You can either type it all up, or post it off. Wrong. With Scan2PDF any lose paper can be converted into an online PDF that can be then be sent. Think of this like a portable scanner that you can always have with you.


12. Toggl

This time-keeping app helps you monitor when and how you’ve used your time on a client. It is great for businesses as you can log in client details, the task required for them, and how long you have been working on their tasks. It’s useful both for the entrepreneur and the client. If you charge hourly rates they can see how much time you’ve exactly spent on their projects. 


13. Dropbox

You and your co-workers can keep all your documents, photos and videos in the one place in dropbox. The beauty of dropbox is that you can access these shared files from any device. You can create folders and set passwords so that your work is organised and protected within your various social and work groups. 


14. Skype

In our globalised world, you’re sure to contact someone across the globe at some point in your career. Of course you can send messages via skype, but its best quality is that it is a quick and cheap way to make conference calls, call mobile phones or engage in group calls to people anywhere in the world.


15. Producteev

You can create projects and assign tasks to a number of coworkers. This app lets you monitor the progress, set due dates, and create milestones for yourself or the assigned worker. There’s a whole range of characteristics to this app with the use of deadlines, subtasks,and priorities. 




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