Best Practices for an Effective Video Call

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Video call is essential for people in a remote collaboration setup. Chatting and emailing can take up too much time, which makes video call the best option for faster and more effective communication.

And just like in any other form of communication, there are rules of conduct to keep in mind when meeting people virtually, especially with your clients. You don’t just show up, face the webcam, and talk. Follow these best practices plus get bonus tips on how to look good when you’re in a video call.

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You’ve got to be...

Punctual. If you have regular video calls with your employers, show up on time. Don’t make them wait. Notify them early if something inevitable happens and you can’t make it on the agreed schedule.

Courteous. No matter how comfortable you are with your employers, there is no reason for you to be rude in any way. Be well-mannered and be careful with your choice of words.

Remember to…

Speak clearly. To avoid miscommunication, stop mumbling.

Keep your voice well-modulated. Ask right away if the people you’re talking to can hear you clearly. Don’t shout if they can’t hear you. See what you need to troubleshoot or if the technical problem is on their end.

Maintain eye contact. If you can’t keep your eyes on the camera, looking at the person you’re talking to in the screen is fine. But avoid staring at your own face as you don’t want to look like you’re not paying attention.

Pay attention. And do it sincerely. Don’t make them repeat what they’ve just said because you weren’t focusing.

Wait for your turn to talk. Isn’t it annoying when someone cuts you off mid-sentence? Don’t be that person to your employers when they’re discussing something about their project. It’s impolite and it could cause them to lose their train of thought.

Check your Internet connection. The video is lagging, and the audio isn’t any better. It’s upsetting if you continue with a video call when your Internet connection is weak.


Distracting movements. If you have the tendency to have too many unnecessary movements like being fidgety or fixing your hair a lot, try to control it especially if it’s bothering your employer.

Distracting sounds. Tapping your fingers on the table and typing on the keyboard with full force as you take down notes produce two of the most common distracting sounds during a video call.

Tips for looking good in a video call

Although you can work in your pajamas all day, when you have a scheduled video chat, make it a point to look presentable. You’re still expected to look neat even if you’re just going to a virtual meeting. And dress appropriately like what any professional will do.

Who would want to appear unappealing on video? No one, right? This infographic by Mixergy and Lemonly tells you what to do to look good in a video call. If you have other tips to share, leave a comment and start a conversation below.

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