Christmas Is Coming: 3 Wise Ways to Boost Your Holiday Sales With Sparkling Content

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We may have months to go, but to many people Christmas is just around the corner. Present buying is well under way, the Christmas cake is being fed and the obligatory “Christmas Countdown” posts have been well and truly posted on social media streams around the world (often to the annoyance of friends and followers everywhere).

Love it or hate it … Christmas is coming guys! Is your business ready?

If you’re a business owner, we hope that you already have your holiday marketing campaigns planned and under control. After all, this is your time to sparkle and sell your wares with awesome content that converts those holiday shoppers into paying customers!

Want to kick your Christmas content up a notch? Let’s take a look at what you can do to send your sales soaring with Santa.

1. Jingle on those special days

Every day counts when it comes to the holidays, but there are a few special days that all business owners looking to maximise their Christmas sales need to pay close attention to. In no particular order, we have:

  • Black Friday: The American day of discounts is going global with US and UK consumers jumping in credit cards first, grabbing holiday bargains and stocking fillers galore. Black Friday customers are armed and ready to buy, so give them what they want and let them know about the great deals you’ll be offering. Black Friday is a changeable holiday as it falls right after Thanksgiving - this year it falls on 25 November, so mark it in your calendar and get your content ready.

  • Cyber Monday: Capping off a long weekend of holiday bargain hunting, comes Cyber Monday, which falls directly after Black Friday. Shoppers have been gearing up for this online shopping spree all weekend, looking for the same thrill of the Black Friday chase.  Don’t disappoint them!

2. Sprinkle social stardust

We know it’s a bit corny, but it’s true. If you don’t get your business into the holiday spirit, how are you going to excite and inspire potential customers to buy? Your social media channels are the perfect place to inject that all-important sparkle into your holiday sales push.

Think about it … your followers follow you because they like your brand, messaging and products. You don’t just have potential customers on your social media streams, you have a ready and waiting pool of brand ambassadors. Harness that power with amazingly clever and creative content. Think of your followers like Santa’s reindeer; they truly have the power to propel your sales onwards and upwards with you at the reins.

Social streams and campaigns should feel like Santa’s grotto ... magic. Remember the feeling, but not sure how to replicate it?  Get a social media savvy pro to help you design and schedule your holiday ads and posts.

3. Blog posts coasting to your Christmas buyer

Jack Frost isn’t “nipping at your nose”, so start warming up your blog with some festive posts that give tonnes of value and boost your brand in one fell swoop. People are feeling all warm and fuzzy around Christmas, so feed into that with content that will give them that holiday vibe. The fact is that your brand needs to be at one with the holidays to get as many sales as possible and King Content rules Christmas with sparkling, cleverly-crafted campaigns that convert.

We loved writing this homage to the holiday season and we hope that this light-hearted look at the importance of quality, creative content for your campaigns will spur you on to get your business into the holiday spirit. Need some help? Get in touch with us for all the festive marketing and content advice you’ll ever require.   



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