Contest Gives Risk Management Company an Edge

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What is Monarch Risk Management?

Monarch Risk Management, LP, headed by president and CEO Joe Caracci, is a safety accountability partner for industries interested in changing their safety culture and saving money on their worker’s compensation costs. It helps employers in the United States comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations prior to inspections, teaches safety in-services, performs monthly safety audits with result reports and follow-ups, and investigates the circumstances surrounding accidents.

The Contest

Contest: Brochure Design

Prize: US$108 (for each winner)

Winners: 2

Entries:  35

Behind the Scene

Monarch Risk Management needed a brochure done within 7 days.  The brochure was to be distributed at a convention on the 8th day.  With too little time to scout for a local company that might be able to deliver the required material, the company turned to Unlike others who opted to simply list the project and select from the bidders, it chose to do a brochure design contest.

“We had never used before this contest,” said office administrator Connie Trynovich.  “If we used the ‘project listing’ we would have to award the project without seeing what the graphic designers could do for us given our budget. We liked the idea of being able to have multiple entries to choose from, yet stay within our budget.”

Connie credits chatting with a Freelancer support staff as a very big help in making the contest process easier to do. “Since the process and the website were new to us, we were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to learn all the nuances of the contest procedures.  The chat and help emails are priceless,” she says. “The ability to privately message the designers was also extremely helpful in tweaking the details on each brochure we wanted to pursue.”

With such good entries, the company ended up with two winners. “We liked two of them so much that we awarded two prizes.”

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