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There has been a recent influx of investment capital into cyber security resulting in the expansion and innovation in startup communities worldwide. At present, cybersecurity is a red-hot business preposition. It is the reason why most startups even in their infancy stages can create completely new segments of the cybersecurity business. The areas of cybersecurity that are mostly being focused on include adaptive behavioral modelling technologies, security risk mitigation and cloud security.

While canvassing the security industry, a list of startups that are primarily in their early to mid-development stages and are pioneering technologies with the potential to transform cybersecurity was made. The companies were split into various categories including: Deception Security, Cyber Insurance, Automobile Security, Quantum Encryption, IoT Security, Critical Infrastructure Security, Autonomous Systems, Predictive Intelligence and Mobile Security. Here are some of the cybersecurity startups to watch.

Predictive Analysis

Under predictive analysis the following startups have the capability of parsing several data feeds concerning behavioral data inside the network of an organization as well as cyber activity in-the-wild. They are able to come up with actionable information that is of value to analysts trying to prevent impending attacks.

Fortscale Security - Is a company offering organizations a platform that combines predictive, big data analytics and machine learning to give real-time visibility into the actions of users and entities across networks and systems. It also uncovers insider threats through identifying unusual behaviors that pose a threat.

4iQ - This startup integrates both external and internal intelligence sources such as social media, the Deep and Dark web and visible web intelligence to help companies to be on the lookout for cyber-threats.

SentinelOne - This startup offers a predictive execution engine that combines malware technique modeling and attack pattern with crowd-sourced security intelligence. SentinelOne uses predictive execution modeling for the purpose of detecting and protecting devices in real time from targeted, zero day threats.

Anomali - This company correlates forensic log data, threat indicators and real time network activity logs to detect and identify attackers in the network of a specific organization.

IoT Security

The following startups offer services and products that authenticate IoT devices. They also encrypt data transmitted throughout industrial internet and IoT systems.

Auth0 - This startup provides a platform for authorization and authentication for the implementation of identity solutions for IoT devices and others.

Rubicon Labs - It develops digital fingerprints, symmetric cryptography together with a cloud based identity service for securing the IoT and more.

Biowatch - They offer a wearable biometric recognition system for mobile payment protection, smart device interaction and secure authentication. This startup uses a unique pattern where the wrist-veins of the user provide a secure bio-authenticator for accessing a secure internet gateway, unlocking a machine or device among other things.

Cyber Insurance

These are the startups offering products and services for insurance companies to negotiate premiums and quantify cyber risk.

Cyence - This startup empowers the insurance industry by making them understand the impact of cyber risk in the context of probabilities and dollars. 

UpGaurd - Offers CSTAR which is a cybersecurity preparedness score for companies. This score helps businesses understand the risk of unplanned outages and breaches. It also provides a new standard by which insurance carriers can effectively assess compliance profiles and client risk.

BitSight Technologies - Offers cyber security ratings to assist organizations in negotiating cyber insurance premiums, managing third party risk and benchmarking performance.

Quantum Encryption

Quantum encryption is the science involved in exploiting quantum mechanics for cryptography. Quantum key distribution or QKD is the best known type of quantum encryption. Using quantum mechanics to safeguard communication, QKD allows two parties to manufacture a random secret key that they will share and is only known to them. This secret key can be used to decrypt and encrypt messages.

Post-Quantum - This startup offers algorithmically encrypted messaging, quorum technology and biometric authentication to protect the communication systems and data of organizations from advanced forms of codebreaking by quantum as well as supercomputers.

QuintessenceLabs - Is developing a quantum key distribution product that will be commercially available. The company has a second generation QKD known as qOptica which uses quantum physics to provide a secure key exchange for encrypting digital communications.

ID Quantique - Is a company that provides multi-protocol network encryption solutions that are based on quantum and conventional technologies. ID Quantique’s Cerberies QKD server enable a key exchange that in theory can prevent attacks from quantum computers that have the ability of rendering non-quantum forms of encryption obsolete.

Critical Infrastructure Security

Below are some of the startups that offer cybersecurity for critical infrastructure networks. This is mostly industrial control systems (ICS) for which disruption could potentially result in an enfeebling impact on safety, economic security or public health.

CyberX - This startup can detect abnormal behavior on an industrial network using machine learning to analyze the network’s operational behavior. It can also combine that network understanding with propriety ICS threat intelligence to detect and mitigate cyberattack risks.

Nozomi Networks - Creates models of industrial networks and uses continuous monitoring together with behavioral analytics to detect changes to baseline states. This results in real-time insight into devices, process status and ICS networks. It also results in the ability to quickly identify and remediate process anomalies and cyberattacks.

Deception Security

Under deception security, here are the startups that offer cybersecurity systems which deploy decoy-facilities in a network as a lure for cyber attackers so that they can identify, track and disrupt security threats such as automated malware before they do any damage.

Illusive Networks - Is a startup providing solutions that prevent Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) through the exploitation of the weakest link in any cyberattack. This is mostly the human behind the attack. Illusive Networks provides its clients with a platform that deceives cyber attackers by giving them false information about the resources of a network. This is done to flag and stop threats.

Alcavio Technologies - Is a company providing solutions for advanced threat defense in order to unearth, catch and counter to malicious activity inside the security perimeter. Such solutions are attached to patented innovations in data science and deception security.

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Mobile Security

Startups that are listed under mobile security help ensure the accessibility, privacy and reliability of the data stored, accessed and processed in mobile devices.

Zimperium - Is a startup using behavior-based analytics that continuously protect mobile devices against host-based, Wi-Fi and cellular threats. This works in the same way a doctor can diagnose an illness by analyzing the symptoms a patient’s body is exhibiting. Zimperium has the ability to detect unknown and known threats by analyzing your mobile device’s behavior.

Appthority - Is a startup providing a cloud-based platform that identifies then grades risky behavior on mobile apps. These include: corporate data exfiltration, intellectual property exposure and unknown and known malware. The mobile security solutions for the company are created for the needs of mobility teams and enterprise security.

Autonomous Systems

These startups focus on autonomous systems and utilize advanced algorithms to instantaneously and efficiently respond to security threats.

Sift Science - Is a startup offering machine-learning software that automatically learns the signals of a threat, therefore detecting illicit behavioral patterns and warning clients before they are defrauded.

Exabeam - Is a startup whose user behavior analytic solutions leverages current log data to rapidly uncover advanced attacks, prioritize incidents and come up with effectual responses.

Automotive Security

Startups under automotive security aim at protecting autonomous and connected vehicles from malicious cyberattacks; below are some of them.

Argus Cyber Security - Is a company that protects both commercial and private fleets, dealerships, vehicles and connectivity platforms from cyberattacks.

Karamba Security - Is a startup that protects the externally-connected components of a car. This is done by identifying attack attempts and blocking exploiters from infiltrating the network of the car.


The influx of money has been a major driving force for the innovation in cybersecurity startups this year. There are plenty of other startups; the aforementioned are just a few.

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