Do You Want to Be an Outstanding Freelancer? Develop This Daily Routine

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Being a freelancer has a lot of benefits: you get to manage your working hours, decide where you want to work from, when to take a break, etc. But sometimes, all of this freedom can be hard to manage and you may end up not being as productive as you had expected.


If you want to optimize your resources and time to be an outstanding freelancer, follow this daily routine and you should be there in no time!


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7:00 am - Hit the snooze button.


7:10 am - Hit the snooze button again, because let’s be honest, we all hit it several times before actually waking up.


7:15 am - Have a powerful energy loaded breakfast.


Have you heard of the saying: “Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”? The most important meal of the day is breakfast, as it kick-starts your metabolism and helps you focus for the rest of the day. That being said, you should consider having a loaded breakfast in order to start your day filled with energy.


8:00 am - Exercise.


Did you know that those who exercise more are more creative, can focus more on their work, have more energy and are happier than those who don’t?


By investing 30 minutes a day in moving your body, you will not only look and feel fantastic, but you will also perform in your work.


9:00 am - Start your work!


Grab a cup of coffee and turn on your computer.


9:05 am - Check your emails and follow up with your clients.


When working on several projects, for different employers, organization and communication are the keys to success. How so? By knowing exactly the project’s progress and being in touch with your client on a daily basis, you will perform better and show how professional you are.


9:30 am - Begin your tasks on your ongoing project.


12:00 noon - Have lunch.


As mentioned earlier, food works just like fuel. If you don’t eat any food, you will run out of energy and which is the last thing you'd like to happen when you're working on something important.


Make sure to make it a light lunch, nothing too heavy, otherwise you will most likely feel exhausted and ready for a nap.


1:00 pm - Get back to work!


4:00 pm - Send out daily reports to clients.


Keeping your clients in the loop about the project updates is a very effective way to get rehired, why? Because they will feel taken care of, and will learn to trust you as a professional. Again, communication is the key to freelancing success.


5:00 pm - Log in to and start looking for new and exciting projects.


6:00 pm - Your work day is officially over! Go ahead and spend quality time with your family or friends.

Being organized and methodical when planning your day will lead you directly to a more productive work day. Follow this daily routine in order to keep that work-life balance intact and show what an outstanding freelancer you are.

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