Everything You Need To Know About Starting SEO For Your Website

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The trend of social media marketing is spreading like wildfire at the moment. Since the establishment of popular social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (and many others), most of the people prefer doing business online. If you already have a great business idea in mind and have registered your domain name for an awesome website, then what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with the steps of 'How to get started on SEO for your website'. 

1. Understand the basics of SEO

First of all, you have to know what SEO actually is. SEO, an acronym for 'Search Engine Optimization', is a process of directing traffic towards a particular website. This tends to be a long term process as it takes time for pages to be indexed and for individuals to become aware of a specific web page. But there's nothing to worry about, because by following some of the steps mentioned below, you can easily succeed in directing the traffic towards your website in no time.


2. Structure your website

First of all, you need to structure your website. It's critical for you to properly develop, design, and manage your website. In order to attract more viewers towards your website, you need to break down the website’s structure into multiple categories.

For instance, say you are launching a website on women’s jewellery. You may have variety of different products that you sell: like diamong rings, floral bracelets, and pendants. What you need to do is generate specific and relevant keywords that are linked to the main purpose of the website. Structuring your website into various categories — such as having a specific page for 'diamond rings' — and breaking down this content even further into sub-categories, makes it easy for visitors to locate your site.

3. Make sure you have Google-friendly content

You need to ensure that your page has Google-friendly content, as well-written content is essential for the ranking of your website. To get optimal on-page SEO, target keywords should be included in your website. While others will try to convince you of the many SEO hacks that they swear 'will work', you've got to remember that Google tends to quickly catch up with any SEO trends. The single way to ensure that you never get penalized and always rank well is to make sure that the content you have is of a high standard. Quality over quantity!


4. Never forget about the perfect title tags


Another thing you've got to keep in mind regarding SEO, consits of having perfect title tags for your primary keywords. 

What are title tags?

Title tags are the text that Google displays in the search results.

However, you may be wondering as to what actually constitues a proper title tag. Simply put, you know that it is a good title tag when the title accurately describes the content on your page through the use of the chosen keywords.

Another necessary addition consists of meta descriptions.

What are meta descriptions? 

Meta descriptions are the scrap of information that visitors can see below your website’s title (again, within search results). Meta descriptions are one of the main components that can have a massive effect on the click-through rates of your website. Don't take them lightly. 

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