Finding the Perfect Logo for Your Business

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Of the countless businesses that exist in every industry, what can help you distinguish yours is your logo. A logo is a graphic representation of a company, product, or organization. It’s an integral part of a business and of all the activities being done to make it known and visible in the market.

A logo symbolizes your identity. There has to be something visual that people can associate your business with. What should your logo look like? It actually depends on you. You know your brand more than anyone else. Think about how you can sum up the entirety of your business in one small graphic symbol.

Logo Design

If you’re slowly drowning in all the color swatches and design elements, you first have to know the characteristics of a great logo:

1. Unique - stay away from the typically used icons; the logo doesn’t need to reflect what the business does (think of the Starbucks logo)
2. Adaptable - the design should be simple and flexible and should work well in black and white
3. Timeless - aim for neutrality, clean lines, and elements will still work overtime
4. Appropriate - should reflect the culture and values of the company


Cost of a Logo

Graphic designer David Airey came up with a design pricing formula to guide designers in figuring out how much they should charge for every project. For business owners, don’t get upset if the designers you contacted can’t give you definite quotes immediately after you asked. Each client they work with is different from one another, so don’t expect a standard rate.

If you still don’t get why having a logo is extremely significant, think about the companies that spent a huge amount of money for their logo. Pepsi’s current logo is worth a million dollars. If you think that’s unbelievable, what can you say about British Petroleum’s logo with the price tag of $211,000,000? Some companies REALLY take their logo seriously.

If Pepsi and BP paid hefty amounts for their logos (which was actually part of their rebranding), how much do the logos of the world’s most popular companies cost? Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Google didn’t spend even a single centavo, as their logos were made either by an in-house designer or the founder. Nike’s swoosh logo was bought from a graphic design student for $35, while the rights for Twitter’s blue bird logo was bought on iStockphoto for only $15.

The Perfect Logo

Whether it’s purely graphic or a wordmark, you need to think and plan out carefully how you want your logo to be like. If you’re picking symbol or icon, what would it be and why? Is there a fascinating backstory where people can find the reason why you chose the icon as your logo? If it’s a wordmark or logotype, will you customize your font?

At the end of the day, it’s is not just about creating the most exquisite or most unique design. The perfect logo is the one that fits your brand -- an emblem that speaks up for it. It should be something that creates familiarity. In just one glance, people should be able to recognize that it’s your company or business behind it.

Do you need a logo? Get help from a freelancer by posting a project today.

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