Freelancer Brings Father & Son Together

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Alison Lynch and her husband Izzy could not be with Walter Schrader, Izzy’s terminally sick dad. The doctor told them that Walter didn’t have much time, but Izzy was sick with a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and it didn’t help that he was constantly emotional because of his father’s condition.

It pained the couple so much that they couldn’t be in the company of their father and support the family by being physically present. Alison knew she had to do something to somehow close the gap. She remembered she had two audio recordings in her possession: one of Walter singing the song “Where Are You?” popularized in 1937 and one of Izzy singing the same song when he was younger. Her aim was to combine the recordings so that father and son could be together, even if it was only in music form.

The couple agreed that the recordings would be their parting gift to Walter, who was diagnosed last year with melanoma. He bravely fought against it for a few months until they discovered that it had already spread beyond repair. Walter has since been under hospice care.

“Time is of the essence. Walter was totally bedridden and we had this gut feeling that he did not have much time left. I needed to find a place that can complete this type of work within an hour’s time,” said Alison.

Being a former musician in New Jersey, Alison knew that the local places charge too much. “It would have cost me a couple of hundred dollars at least and they would not be able to complete this type of work within a very short period,” Alison explained.

She remembered having great experience in for some code-writing needed for her part-time job. She scoured for the perfect person for the project and found IllusiaProd, who had everything she was looking for. When she told him that she needed the recording right away, he dropped everything so that he could deliver it on time.

“This amazing freelancer not only cleaned up the crackles in the old audio but also delivered it in an hour — just what I had requested. Hearing Izzy and Walter singing together brought tears in my eyes.”

The recording was then sent to Izzy’s mom, Maggie, his brother Michael, and sister Shari, who were by Walter’s side. They played the song for him and he managed to flash a weak smile and a thumbs-up. Walter passed away a few hours later.

“Walter and Izzy were not only father and son; they were best friends too. Even though he lived in another state, they still kept in contact and they talked every day.”

Read more about Alison’s story here.

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