Freelancer reviews and what to look out for

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You’re looking for a freelancer, you’ve posted a project and now you’re about to begin reviewing proposals. Receiving low bids that are within your budget can be exciting. But evaluating the quality of a freelancer based on their quote for a project can be counterproductive. When you’re managing a project with a freelancer, it’s important to know who will be completing the project and their credibility. Take the time to review your freelancer’s profile and look out for any indication of their work ethic and reputation.

Reviews and Feedback

Before choosing to work with a freelancer, it may be best to check out their recent project reviews and past feedback. Take note of any negative feedback previous employers have given to this freelancer. Some examples of negative feedback may include poor communication, lack of expertise, low quality of work and poor professionalism.

Overall Star Rating For Completed Projects

Reviewing freelancer ratings can be a great way to check whether you should or should not hire them for a project. Your freelancer’s overall star rating can be viewed on their profile on the right side under the ‘hire me’ option. Steer clear of any freelancers that have received consistently low overall ratings.

Individual Ratings

Below the overall star rating, you’ll be able to review your freelancer’s individual ratings for percentage of jobs completed, percentage of jobs delivered on time and on budget and percentage of employers that have repeatedly hired the freelancer. A good indication of work quality is if the freelancer has been rehired by an employer. 


You should also review your employer's verifications including their email, identity and payment verifications. If your employer has not listed their payment verification, it may be a good idea to ask them to do so before completing the project.

Employer Verifications

Be sure to review your employer with these easy tips before starting a project. By knowing what to look out for, you’ll be well on your way to completing a successful project.  


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