Freelancing Tips That Will Make You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

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There’s something about the new year that makes us want to start everything fresh and on track, especially our careers. Most of us write down our new year’s resolutions with so much positivity, thinking this will lead to a better year. Truth is, any year could be fantastic. You only need to have realistic goals, focus, and the right attitude to make your year incredible.

To make 2017 your best freelancing year to date, we’re giving you tips on how you could keep your resolutions.

freelancer new year's resolutions

“This year, I will increase my rates.”

As long as you’re consistently improving your craft and delivering high quality projects, clients won’t mind paying a little higher because they know what they’ll get in return if they hire you. If it’s been awhile since you’ve adjusted your rates it’s probably the right time to do it again. Just be reasonable with the increase you’ll be making.

“This year, I will polish my brand.”

Since you’re freelancing online, Google your name or brand and find out what turns up when people look for you on the Internet. If you’re going for a rebrand, do it across the board -- from your Freelancer profile page to your social media pages to your personal blog, all content should be consistent.

Also, put extra attention to your brand voice. Are you expressive, fun, or cordial? Be clear on how you market yourself or your personal brand to your audience and potential clients.

“This year, I will communicate with clients better.”

With Freelancer, you have communication tools you can use according to your needs. There’s the desktop app to chat and share files with your employers. You can do these things too even if you’re on the go with the mobile app. You can also do video call if you need the fastest way to discuss the progress of a project you’re working on.

Apart from using these tools, keep these in mind:

  • Grammar and spelling still matter
  • Watch your words
  • Be respectful

“This year, I will not accept too many projects.”

The more work you get, the more money you earn. But being overloaded with too many projects is just as bad as getting none. It will take a toll on your health, on your relationship with clients, and even on your personal life.

Accept what you can accommodate. Don’t overcommit so the quality of your work won’t suffer.

“This year, I will improve my productivity.”

Download productivity apps and block distractions around you. Also, treat every minute as a precious opportunity to increase your earnings. If you use the desktop app's time tracker, you are guaranteed to get paid for every hour you’ve worked.

“This year, I will learn new skills.”

There are learning websites you can sign up for free. Learning something new boosts your self-esteem and expands your freelance work opportunities.

“This year, I will be wiser in managing my finances.”

At the end of each month, when you have a clear assessment of your earnings, allot an amount for next month’s expenses, emergency fund, and savings. The emergency fund is for unexpected events that will require you to shell out some cash, while savings is for your plans in the future (dream house, brand new car, a new business venture).

“This year, I will widen my network.”

Join Facebook groups or meetups of people from the same industry as yours. You may not realize the benefit of building connections now but later on, you’ll see how expanding your network could help you maximize the growth of your freelance business.

“This year, I won’t let go of my passion.”

Remember what you love doing and why you loved it. There is no wasted moment in every minute spent on something you’re passionate about, more so if it brings you financial rewards. Don’t give up on your passion.

“This year, I will take a time off more often.”

Regular time off from work is not only for office employees. It’s for everyone who’s working hard just like you. Taking a vacation is good for your mental and physical health. Go out of town, plan a day hike, visit your relatives, or head to the beach. Just go out and have fun!

Thinking how you will run your freelance business the entire year could be overwhelming. Take it one day at a time. Do great things today and wake up with the same purpose tomorrow. Review your resolutions at the end of each quarter and find out which ones work best for you.

We hope this post helps you start the year right. Off to finding awesome projects to bid on? Check the job listings today.


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