The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Preferred Freelancers

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As an employer of freelancers on our site, you already know that we have many extremely talented people here. But did you know that we have a whole group of elite freelancers who have been vetted to be part of the Preferred Freelancer Program?

Here are some common questions that employers ask about our Preferred Freelancers.


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Who are the Preferred Freelancers?

Preferred Freelancers are freelancers who have applied to the Preferred Freelancer Program or have been invited to join after completing outstanding work and receiving glowing recommendations.


When freelancers applied to the program, their application is carefully reviewed to make sure that they truly are deserving to be part of this elite circle.


Once we have verified that they are of the correct caliber, we admit them to the program.


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How do they differ from other freelancers on the site?


One of the first things we look for when selecting who is eligible for the program is the amount of time they have been with us.


That means all our Preferred Freelancers have been with us for enough time that they have an established history with us and we can verify the quality of work they’ve done.


Our Preferred Freelancers are very used to working with employers, and well-versed in how to communicate effectively and responsibly.


They are also trained and informed on the rules and regulations of our site, as well as our Terms and Conditions, and adhere strictly to those rules.


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How do they get into the program? How strict are the entry requirements?

Our entry requirements are very strict. We look at their stats (percentage of completed projects, on budget and on time), portfolio, reviews, and ensure that they have undergone the KYC process to verify their identity.


We also take into consideration things like their dispute rate, and the amount and quality of work they have done recently, to ensure their quality is consistent.


There are numerous other things we also check their file. Any freelancer who has the slightest issue with any of these things will not be admitted -- that’s how we maintain the integrity of the program.


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How can I work with a Preferred Freelancer?

The best way to work with a Preferred Freelancer is to post a Recruiter project.


When you are preparing your project brief, add the Recruiter upgrade.


A Recruiter will invite freelancers to your project, and from the ones who bid, choose the very best one for your project.


Our Recruiters work very closely with our Preferred Freelancers and have an excellent working relationship with them, so majority of the time they will try to find a Preferred Freelancer to do your project.


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How do Recruiters decide which freelancer to recommend to me?

Once bids start coming in, your Recruiter gets talking! Recruiters will chat or call freelancers to discuss what they know about your project. They will confirm your timeframe and budget, and make sure the freelancer is amenable to these, and then help you begin your conversation with the freelancer to iron out the final details.


Once you are happy, they will help you through the process of awarding and creating milestones.


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What other support do I get from the Recruiter upgrade?


The Recruiter is mainly there to help you narrow down your choices to the right one and to help you get started. After that, it is up to you and the freelancer to agree on all the milestones of the project and make sure you are both clear on the deliverables.


However, your Recruiter will be there to guide you if you aren’t sure how to start. Should there be any issues later on, your Recruiter will be able to advise you on which action to take, or even recommend a different freelancer if the situation requires it.

If you want to experience working with our Preferred Freelancers, why not go ahead and post a Recruiter project today?

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