From an Ordinary Worker to One of Freelancer's Best

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Nepali Laxman Kafle claimed to be an average guy whose prosaic day-to-day concern was to find ways to make money. “It has always been an issue. All I was fascinated about was finding ways to earn more.” The race seemed unending, and Laxman found himself unhappy with the lackluster and similarity of every day.

Embracing Change

Early 2011, he heard how people found limitless work possibilities on the Internet. They have no bosses, timesheets, and liabilities. They go to work whenever they want, and still earn enough for their needs and sometimes more. “When I heard about it, I started going online. I learned about blogging and marketing and found enjoyment in them. Throughout my searches, I found a way to use these newfound skills to earn,” Laxman said, who stumbled upon the marketplace,

For five years, Laxman found work and supported his family through freelancing jobs. “I never imagined becoming a freelancer. It just happened, and now I’m addicted. In almost half a decade, I have been involved in hundreds of digital marketing projects,” he said. Laxman has since formed a team and branched out to SEO, social media marketing, and Web design.

Staying for Good

Although he tried several other websites, Laxman ultimately chose because it is user-friendly and offers easy options to withdraw funds. “The website also has enough projects and opportunities to keep us busy every day. We are assured that we will get paid because of the security of Milestone Payments. And when we do encounter difficulties, there is a dispute system and responsive customer support.”

(Source: Laxman's portfolio)

All the jobs that he handled gave him the best experiences. The employers were happy too -- he has a solid five-star rating in all the 1,158 reviews he received on Freelancer. His most unforgettable projects were the brand video promotion of beauty subscription box IPSY, and music promotion of a renowned Latin pop artist. “I was ecstatic when I worked with him because I was his fan since I was a child.”

Sharing Freelancing Secrets

When Laxman started at Freelancer, he didn’t know where to begin. “At first, all I did was bid relentlessly. Then, I found out I could check employer reviews and find out the ones who are easy to work with. I also learned to value myself and my work. If you’re good at something, don’t do it for free. Know your worth,” he said.

(Source: Laxman's portfolio)

He also added the following top three tips he wished he knew at the beginning: Bid low until you have a good profile, understand all requirements before accepting a project so there won’t be problems in the future, and make sure that your work is of high quality. Applying these to his professional life allowed him to gain an upper hand among competition and become a member of the Preferred Freelancer Program, a group of elite-level freelancers.

“Freelancing gave me motivation and purpose -- things that I didn’t have before. Now I’m happier and no longer ordinary. My days are all exciting now!”

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