Graphic Design: Hobby or Profession

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Build up your Career as a Graphic Designer at
It's not easy but not impossible.
If you are really interested in Graphic design and want to take it to a professional level, then is the best site for you. If you ask me, "why?", then there are many reasons.
Let's get to the point:
1. If you are a newbie, there will be many sites for online earnings in front of you. But how many sites will help you develop your current skill? The more you learn in Graphic Design, the more you will be hungry. That's the true nature of being a professional Graphic Designer. This site offers contest without asking, what you are capable of. Every time you participate in a contest you will learn something new. All you have to do is, keep trying. Your skills will be developed on its own.
2. If are a professional designer, you can bid on countless projects and also participate in contests. Why would the clients hire you? It's simple. You can show off your creativity in your portfolio. Not only this, your client can contact you anytime thru private message. You won't have to worry about checking mails. This site got it all.
3. If you feel like you want to sell some of your original designs, you can also showcase your designs through the Showcase Page. And the most satisfactory thing is, the selling price will be indicated by you. No bargain, no interference. You don't have to sell your creative artwork at a low price.
4. The best thing about is it doesn't limit your capability. If you are also highly skilled in other skills, this site allows you to prove your skill.
Now that you want to be a Professional Graphic Designer, what is your plan? Or, do you have a plan? Nothing in this world is for free. Either you have to pay or, you have to give countless efforts. There are many software related to Graphic Design. The most popular are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Linkscape, 3d Max, Blender, Maya etc. It may take ages, but if you keep trying one day you will get the fruit. But if you lose track on the middle of the road, you will get nothing but some waste of time. It is better to choose graphic design as a career, only if you love artworks. If you feel like you are enjoying and lots of ideas are running over your head then you shouldn't wait. Go ahead and earn from it!
Some tips that will help you in the future:
1. Try to know all the available digital formats and their basic use
2. Never copy other's design. Yes it might give you some early benefits but you will lose your creativity.
3. Get inspired, instead of getting overwhelmed.
4. Try to avoid mockups, because if your artwork is not good enough but was edited to look better just to win a contest, your client will not be satisfied which may cause disputes or whatnot.
5. Respect other's design or your design will be treated the same way.
Always remember, in the world of art, this planet will always be small. There is no shame to learn.

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