How to Grow Your Business With Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality (AR) has been a hot topic in the tech industry for the past couple of years. But it was only last year, with the launch of Niantic’s Pokemon GO that AR became mainstream.

A forecast shows that by 2021, AR could reach $83 billion in revenue. With the rise of developers and companies who augment a different reality into our mobile experience (games, shopping, education, etc.), this projected revenue is likely to be achieved.

how to grow your business with AR apps

How can your business benefit from integrating AR into your marketing strategies?

AR Marketing

Two ways AR can win the hearts of your target market:

1. It creates an exceptional engagement with your app users. It’s more personal than clicking an ad link. Through AR, you provide people the opportunity to get closer to your brand by letting them interact with your ad rather than just reading or viewing it. Read further down this post to see how brands have used AR to engage with their market.

2. People love being amazed and an AR-integrated campaign can give that experience to your customers. Remember the Häagen-Dazs Concerto Timer iPhone app? It lets users indulge in a virtual concerto for two minutes, the time it takes for the ice cream to reach its ideal consistency for eating. By pointing their iPhone camera at the lid of any pint of Häagen-Dazs, a violinist or a cellist will appear and have a mini concerto before people dig into the tub.

Anna Johansson wrote in this article that for AR marketing to become effective, it should involve blurring the line between physical and virtual experiences. See how the following AR apps provide an immersive experience to the brand’s target market.

Examples of AR apps for various purposes

Interior Design

iStaging - Interior Design is an iOS app that provides tools to help you design your room or office space with your desired furniture before buying the item.

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Product Design/Visualization

Getting a new tatt soon? Test the design with Inkhunter to see whether it looks good on you or not. Try different designs in real time before you decide on the perfect tattoo for you.

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Shop Literally Anything Anywhere

In 2010, Converse launched their AR app called The Sampler where users can see how their chosen style would look like on their feet without actually trying it on. Users would simply point the camera towards their foot and select the style they want from various collections. Best of all, they can buy a pair straight from the app.

Product Review

We’re used to searching online for product reviews before we make a purchase. But what if you can get reviews and ratings of a product without Googling it? Letsee app will do this for you.

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Cooking Master

In 2011, Heinz turned their packaging label into a secret recipe book by integrating AR through Blippar technology. Users just hover their phone over the label and a recipe, with Heinz as an ingredient, will pop up and become available for download.

Travel Guide

Going on a New York tour? eTips will give you a comprehensive and interactive guide not only to New York but to many of the world’s most famous travel destinations.

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Interactive Local Marketing

Pepsi Max “Unbelievable” bus shelter is the most exciting example in this post. What would you do if on a random morning at the bus stop a tiger walks its way to you?

Look Tester/Visualizer

If you’re in the cosmetics industry, a look visualizer is a must-have. Modiface comes in different apps that allow customers to virtually test makeups, hair coloring products, nail polish, among others. This will help your customers in their purchasing decision.

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Do you want to have your own augmented reality app? Post your AR project now and hire the best freelancer for the job.

augmented reality apps for marketing and business growth


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