Growth Hacking Tactics That Every Startup Needs

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With access to hundreds of millions of customers, your startup needs to understand the most effective ways to access these users and thus grow your business. Growth hacking is every startup’s best friend. Look at all of the overnight successes, businesses that, had they not mastered the fine art of growth hacking, would have otherwise dissolved into virtual anonymity. But because they understood the essentials of the latest growth hacking tactics, they exploded.

Think about Twitter. A veritable giant. In its earliest days, it managed to get people to sign up by the thousands; a few well-placed growth hacking strategies and the word ‘tweet’ forever became a part of our vernacular. Your startup has the potential to go big too! Understanding how to generate business, accrue tons of followers and really take off is all a part of growth hacking 101.

Social Media Hacks

We’re all daily on them. From Twitter to Instagram to Facebook, these platforms have become both a means of sharing information, and of looking for relevant products and promotions. Want to gain followers…Check out what the competition is doing on social media. Follow some of their top followers. And then go and like what these users like. An intertwined cycle of likes, comments and shares, inserting yourself into this cycle can be an invaluable growth hacking tactic. If you need help approaching this particular project, look for a freelance social media marketer who is adept at navigating the various social platforms.

The ‘Tease’ Hack

Everyone wants what they can’t have, and everyone also wants to be among the elite few who are privy to that elusive product or object. Creating an aura of exclusivity around your new venture is inevitably going to make users want it all that much more. Make membership seem hard to get, compel people to want to be a part of your member’s only club.

Make Your Product Better Hack

You’ve invested a great deal of time and money into coming up with this awesome new product that will captivate the world. Problem is, users don’t seem to be responding in kind. In fact, sales are flagging. Your site numbers are down. Before dumping a ton more money into the marketing of it, investigate the product itself. Maybe there’s a glitch that needs fixing, maybe it’s the packaging, start there first. If you need help as far as product or package design, there are numerous freelancers out there who specialize in this.

Partner-Up Hack

Looking for existing businesses that complement yours may be a great way to gain some fast followers. Quid pro quo, with this growth hack tactic you advertise on their site and let them advertise on yours. You piggyback on their popularity and they get yet another venue in which to showcase their products and/or services. A graphic design freelancer can be a great resource for creating a display or banner ad for posting on your affiliate’s page. 

Try it for Free Hack

Most people like to experience the product prior to purchase. Not a problem, offer them a small sample demo embedded right in the sight. Make it easy for them to try your product and subsequently see how great it is. Not to mention, everyone loves the word free. A freelance web developer can help you devise a site that allows users to play around a bit before they buy!

The Reminder Hack

You need to keep customers aware of your new business and its going-ons. There’s certainly nothing wrong with a friendly reminder now and again via email to reignite their curiosity and spark further interest in your startup. Make sure to give it a catchy subject line so people will feel compelled to read the whole email, rather than cast it off into the black hole of spam. A clever content writer can help you devise a terrific, attention-grabbing email.

Refer-a-Friend Hack

Fairly simple concept really…Refer a friend and that user receives some sort of benefit. Again, who doesn’t want free ‘stuff.’ Motivated by this freebie, they will take that little bit of extra effort to encourage a friend to sign up or subscribe. You can then offer this same incentive to said friend. A pretty profitable cycle if all goes well. And again, a great content writer knows how to craft a message that inspires users to go and recruit that friend.  

Warm Up Hack

Cold calling or selling is a strategy that never quite works as you want it to. Generally people just get annoyed and / or turned off. You’ve sunk your ship before you even had a chance to set sail. Get potential customers used to your company and product first. Cleverly introduce this fantastic new concept and then hit’em with the sales language. This is where a web designer in tandem with a gifted copywriter can help bring that initial message to life.

Community Hack

Creating that sense of community among users, customers and/or followers is a great way to really get people to engage with your new business. This particular growth hacking tactic has been the boon of many a company. Create a forum in which people that would have an interest in your market can meaningfully exchange ideas. Developing a site and platform that lends itself to this community feel may be a job best left to a dynamic freelance web designer.

Whatever growth hack you try, know that it may take a little time for it to stick. The key though is to be consistent in your efforts and to never lose sight of the end goal: more followers, more eager users and ultimately, enthusiastic customers who, in turn, will begin to spread the word about your incredible venture without any prodding or growth hack strategizing. has a host of talented writers, artists, marketers, designers and developers who are all very good at helping you get the word out. Enlisting their services may be your best growth hacking tactic yet! Post a project today!


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