Hiring with the Help of a Recruiter

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Today, standing out means everything. With countless startups launching their businesses online and building storefronts, how do you ensure that it’s your business that customers go to?

A logo or website, or even cutting-edge product design, could be what your business needs. Or depending on what industry you’re in, it could be anything from a 3D model of a building to illustrations for a children’s book. With that in mind, you might just be looking for prime talent to do the job. And that’s where the Freelancer Recruiter Team comes in. The Recruiter Team helps you find freelancers that are perfect candidates to successfully complete your project. They will also help you find the highest quality bids, help you award your project and set up Milestone Payments.

Here’s how easy it is to get the right freelancers to help catapult your business to recognition:

1. From the main menu bar, click on Post a Project. You will be directed to the Post Project page.

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2.  Fill out all the required fields like the project name, description and skills for the project.

3. Once you reach the Do you need a Helping hand? part, choose Recruiter project. 

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4. Review your project details, then click Yes, Post My Project when all is perfect.

In a few easy steps, you’re sure to recruit the best freelancers for the job.

Still not convinced? Here are some advantages of using the Recruiter Service:

  • You save yourself valuable time looking for and screening freelancers based on experience, skills, and bids. For startup entrepreneurs who simply do not have the time to look into each of these factors, our team has got you covered. A Recruiter  will  get in touch with you within seconds of posting your project.

  • Everything you need is in check. We know how important it is that every aspect of your project is delivered as you demand--the deadline, budget, and expertise to do the job. We make sure that these demands are met.

  • You get top notch talent from a Recruiter that personally reviews your project and handpicks the most skilled freelancers available. We have a large resource of Preferred Freelancers with the competencies you’re looking for. Every detail of your project matters to us so you get the best possible outcome for your project.

  • You can expect 100% satisfaction. If you are not satisfied working with your Preferred Freelancer for the first 24 hours, we will replace the Preferred Freelancer for free. Now you can actually see whether the freelancer is meeting your expectations, and if they are not, then we can help you resolve this at no extra charge.

Give Recruiter a try and post a project today.


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