How the Quotes Feature Gets Me More Projects

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First thing in the morning, I check my Freelancer chat and find a client from several months ago pops up out of nowhere. Now, repeat clients are the best, for sure, but the process of negotiating with them can be time-consuming. Also, sometimes potential clients hire me using the default flat rate of $250. That’s fine when the project is for more than that, but it usually isn’t. So, I’ve started using the Quotes feature in the chat window with current clients and new potential clients.

I’ve found it helps me in 4 essential ways.

1.       Saves time in negotiations

2.       Raises my repeat hire stats and gets me more reviews

3.       Ensures they post a milestone

4.       Eliminates overpaying fees

Quotes Save Time in Negotiations

When I am chatting with a previous client in an old chat window to start a new project, we have 2 options. They can add a milestone to the current project or create a new project. Adding a milestone to the current project means no new review and no positive impact on my repeat hire rate. Creating a new project often takes several minutes to describe, including sending them a link to my profile and explaining how to set up the project for the right amount.

The Quotes function fixes all of that! I simply say, “Let me get you a Quote.” The client may never have seen the functionality before, but they happily wait the 30 seconds it takes me to create it. I click the “Create Quote” button, fill in the simple form, and add the price. The client receives the Quote, and as soon as they accept it, they are prompted to create the milestone. I see a new chat, with the new milestone in seconds. The project is already accepted, so there is nothing more to do but get started.

Raises Repeat Hire Stats and Number of Reviews

Because the Quotes feature creates a new project (and a new chat), the client has automatically rehired me. Check your rehire rates! A good rehire rate makes it easier to get new clients. They see that others were so happy with my work that they want to hire me again. And every new project raises my other stats on my profile - on-time, on-budget, and jobs completed all go up.

Also, a new project means the opportunity for another 5-star review. More reviews matter when I bid and when potential clients search for a Freelancer. I’m always up for another 5-star review!

Ensures They Post a Milestone  

When the client accepts the Quote, they are automatically prompted to post the milestone. No more trying to explain how to create a project or change the amount! The milestone appears in the new chat with the project already accepted. So, when they accept the Quote, I already accepted the project, and my project fees are payable.

Eliminates Overpaying Fees

<Sigh> I’m off to the Preferred Freelancer team to explain that the project was made for the default $250, and I accepted it by mistake. The client and I agreed that the project would be less than that, and they even posted a milestone. But now I’ve paid the fees on $250.

By using the Quotes feature, I am in control as someone familiar with the platform. Very few of my clients spend as much time on as I do. So, they aren’t up on all the details, and they don’t know about the fees from my side. With a Quote for the exact amount, I pay fees ONLY on the project amount and not one penny more. 

The Only Downside

The only downside of the Quote feature is that the initial discussion with the client is in the old chat. That usually means I upload any documents and perhaps write a short summary of the project in the new chat.

In Summary

There is probably another feature on the platform that I use as frequently, but there isn’t one I appreciate more. I figure the Quotes feature saves me almost half the time in conversation setting up projects with new and repeat clients. It certainly saves me ALL the time I spent explaining how to Hire Me.

So, I recommend trying out the Quotes feature. Use it next time you talk to a repeat client or a potential client to change the project rate.

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