How to find Recruiter projects as Preferred Freelancer

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Hello Preferred Freelancers!

We’ve made a lot of improvements in recent months to the ways that you as a Preferred Freelancer can stay up to date on the Recruiter projects that best meet your skillset. In this post we’ll cover the two main areas where we’ve introduced improvements.

1. Project search feed

As you’ve likely noticed the Project search page has undergone a few upgrades in recent months. We’ve redesigned the interface and in doing so, added a lot of filters that were frequently requested. Additionally, the search now automatically listens in real time for new projects that meet your search criteria, so you’ll see a “view new jobs” option above the results when new jobs have been posted.


As a Preferred Freelancer, you can also filter on Recruiter projects only by selecting Recruiter in the left hand filter:


This will show you a real time feed of all Recruiter projects posted. You can then filter further on skill, budget, project type, language or location as desired.

2. Recruiter Invites

We’ve also made some changes to how you receive Recruiter invites based on the feedback from many of you. As you’ll have noticed, invites will now typically consist of the following format:


Which gives you a lot of information up front about the kind of project it is, so that you’ll generally know if it’s worth checking out the link and bidding.

Additionally, we’ve added a new section to your Account Settings this week, allowing you to choose which of your skills you wish to receive Recruiter invites for. You can choose as many or as few skills as you like based on your preference, and if you’d like to temporarily stop all Recruiter invites you can simply untick all your skills while still remaining active.


Hopefully these will changes have been useful for you. Please leave a comment if you have any feedback on these changes, or any future improvements you'd like to see for Recruiter projects!

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