How to Improve Mobile App Security

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Developing mobile applications is a demanding job. It's not just because of the complexities involved in developing and delivering innovative mobile applications, but also due to the vulnerability of mobile apps to infringement. A good app should be compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, operating systems and still remain in optimal working condition despite a constantly evolving environment. Sectors like banking are hardly hit with mobile app security issues for obvious reasons: money. This calls for extra caution for developers to ensure that the mobile apps they deploy are secure.

An application that poses privacy and data security risks is not fit for anyone’s use because it erodes the users’ confidence from the beginning. Not only that, a compromised app also reflects on the brand in general. Companies are not willing to compromise on this and would rather pay more to a developer who guarantees secure apps than settle for a cheaper one who develops apps with security issues. Mobile application security should be ensured throughout app development, rollout, and use. Therefore, developers are advised to consider the following factors.

 Never Negate Manual Testing

Automation has simplified most processes, including security testing. When developing mobile applications, it is important to manually test the app alongside automated testing. Doing this ensures that whatever might have been overlooked by the computers can be detected by a human. If no threat is detected in both tests, then chances are high that the application can't be infiltrated easily. Automated testing should however be done more often than manual, and should ideally be outsourced to a third-party or partner who knows specializes in security.

Embrace Threat Modeling

Technology is complex due to its dynamic nature. Actually, this is a good thing because hackers and other online crooks won't poke their noses where they can't do anything. In the past, developers had to worry about computer-generated and related threats. Today, they also have to add mobile devices to the equation, which makes it necessary to model for effective discovery of possible threats long before they happen. Use threat modeling besides design reviews and architecture to ensure stronger mobile security.

Adhere to Mobile Security Standards

Any industry is governed by a certain set of standards. As a developer, it is important to understand and create applications based on these standards and constantly work towards improving them. All leading technology companies like IBM and Apple have very high security standards. When it comes to mobile operating systems, Apple’s iOS is more secure, while Android has seen its share of vulnerabilities. The standards should be accompanied with compliance guidelines to bolster the application’s security against threats.

Security is An Investment

There are many predictable threats that can be thwarted long before they occur. With a little financial investment, you can purchase and make use of devices, hire mobile security experts and purchase software programs to guard the application from any kind of threats. A secure application free from any form of compromise is worth every penny you spend on.

The number of smartphone users around the world is steadily increasing. According to WeAreSocial’s Digital, Social and Mobile Worldwide 2015 report, it is estimated that mobile phones will push the global average Internet access from the current 42% to exceed 50% by 2016. The report further indicates that in 2014, more than one billion smartphone units were sold globally, and it is estimated that this figure will grow in 2015. Mobile phones have a bright future, which is good news for companies, small or large, that are ready to tap into this growing market. For mobile application developers, it means more demand for creative and secure apps to meet diverse business needs. If you get it right, you should expect to be in business for a very long time.


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