Join the AMPS Challenge: win up to US$110,000 and more

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Today, launched one of its biggest contests on the platform in partnership with Arrow Electronics, in which you can win up to $110,000 and more by building a prototype for the Bureau of Reclamation, the largest wholesale water supplier in the United States. The total prize pool is $250,000. 

The Automated Maintenance of Protection Systems Challenge (AMPS Challenge) seeks to improve the reliability of hydropower facilities in the United States by automating the testing of the existing protection system. 

During the 2003 Blackout, over 50 million people were left without electricity in the biggest North American outage to date. As a result, a comprehensive list of testing protocols was developed to prevent another large power outage. 

These testing protocols at Reclamation’s facilities are very labor-intensive and often require the plants to be off-line. The $250,000 AMPS Challenge wants you to develop prototypes that will automate the testing without requiring plants to be off-line and that are not labor-intensive

The AMPS Challenge will be run in two phases: 

1. White Paper Challenge. You will have 24 weeks to submit a white paper describing your technical approach to the problem. Up to 10 solutions will be awarded $10,000 each and will move forward to the Prototype Challenge. 

2. Prototype Challenge. If you make it to the Prototype Challenge, you will have 20 weeks to develop your prototype and share design details for evaluation. Up to five prototypes will be tested in a testing facility in Colorado, USA. One winning prototype will be awarded up to $100,000, and there are additional prizes of up to $10,000 for prototypes exceeding specific individual benchmarks.

Join the White Paper phase now at

By Participating, you’ll have the opportunity to:  

  • Win a share of the $250,000 prize pool. 

  • Work with the Bureau of Reclamation and other U.S. Government agencies. 

  • Improve your portfolio on

  • Commercialize your solution nationally or globally, regardless of contest outcome.

  • Potentially get a Cooperative Research and Development or other technology-transfer agreement with the Bureau of Reclamation, to further refine your solution.

  • Potentially receive support from Arrow Electronics’ local field engineering teams to help you build the prototype with components sourced through Arrow at the lowest available pricing. 

  • Potentially present your prototype to Reclamation and their partners at a testing facility in the Denver Area. 


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