Media Personality Crowdsources Her Own Business Card Design

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Media personality and native of Denver, Colorado, Carri Wilbanks, sees a story in everything. On regular days, she is a lifestyle writer and TV producer for a variety of media outlets including USA Today, MSN Travel, and Xfinity Comcast. On breaks, she turns into a "professional tourist" -- she travels not only for leisure, but also for finding gems to share on her digital travel magazine,

She is always on-the-go to meet new people for the shows she produces and hosts. When she connects, she makes sure the encounter is personal, despite today’s digital age. For her, it is important to engage in eye contact, have actual conversations, and pass information through the use of business cards.

“An updated business card has been on my to-do list for the last six months, but I was struggling to come up with a design idea. I met with some people locally, and was never sold on a design because they all felt cookie-cutter. It honestly seemed like the logo was plugged into a template. It defeated the purpose for me because I wanted a design that would make me excited to hand out and would stand out to potential clients,” Carri said.

Going online for design

Several blogs that Carri follows recommended and she decided to give it a shot. She created a design contest for the business card so she could see different ideas. “I assumed even if I didn't find the perfect one, I could compile a few different ideas for inspiration. It all turned out wonderfully, and I found a design that I’m excited to print as is.”

Her contest ran for seven days and received 50 entries. The contest prize was set at US$90 versus the US$200 per design local quote she received. The entries exceeded her expectations largely because they were unique, made from scratch, and with high attention to detail. “The contest was within budget and proved to be a great way to come up with a unique and original design that is catered to my brand and business.”

The winner of the contest was Toyz86 from Indonesia. Working with him was smooth and responsive. Carri only requested a few small changes along the way and Toyz86 made the edits quickly and accurately, and made sure her expectations were met.

Unique and well-received

Recipients of the card loved the design. Carri said passing the card out is a delight because it sparks a conversation, and people end up asking about the photos and design elements. “I used to hand out a business card and people would take a quick glance and put it in their pocket. Now, they smile and ask about the photos on the card and comment on the design. People love the variety of photos, clean look, and the vertical integration.”

Because of the success of this project, Carri said that she is excited to hire freelancers for SEO and marketing work for “I look forward to using for future projects because of the ease of working with people and the quality of communication.”

Tap into a global pool of designers. Post your contest now.

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