Pakistani Freelancer’s Journey to a Better Future For His Family

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Spending numerous hours in the office as a sales representative for an insurance company and earning a sub-standard amount of money drove Muhammad Adnan Khan to find better opportunities elsewhere. His meager US$100 monthly income simply wasn’t enough to support a  family of six.

Muhammad wanted his family to live comfortably and to send his children to top universities in Pakistan. However, with his salary, his dreams seemed to stay as they were -- just dreams.


Wanting to increase his income, Muhammad turned to other opportunities. He came across a job posting in search for a head animator and since he had a good grasp on video production, he applied for the position.

He landed the job and stayed with the company for two years. Through countless hours spent animating videos in front of the computer, he realized another dream -- to put up his own production company.

A friend of his suggested he try Freelancer as a stepping stone to building his own start-up. Determined to achieve his dreams, he gave it a shot.

“After a few days of toying around the platform, I got down to business and was awarded several projects that had really good pay. Assuming that this was leaps and bounds better than my current occupation, I left my full-time job to work on Freelancer,” shared Muhammad.

Freelancer: A Blessing in Disguise

Knowing that online freelancing had the potential to yield good income, Muhammad spent most of his time working on his projects. After he finished one project, he would bid on more. He wanted to work on more projects since he knew that every single project was a step closer to his goals.

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Muhammad’s persistence paid off when his monthly earnings saw a substantial growth. He was earning as much as five times more than his previous monthly salary in his sales post. Lots of projects were coming in and things were getting pretty out of hand. So Muhammad employed a few people to help shoulder the load.

What started out as a few helping hands emerged into Uneekin Productions, a video production startup business. Muhammad now manages 16 employees on a daily basis to accommodate the increasing number of projects they are receiving.

Despite being the boss of his own company, Muhammad makes it a point to lead by example. He strives to inspire his employees in following his footsteps. He still works long hours every day, five to six days a week.

One of his most treasured projects was with an international ad agency based in Pakistan. They were in need of a 2D explainer video for one of their clients. The week-long project raked Uneekin Productions a total of US$1,120, which was nearly Muhammad’s annual earnings prior to freelancing.

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A Brighter Future

As of writing, Muhammad’s monthly earnings have gone up to US$4,000 - US$5,000. He has started saving up for his children’s education and is confident that he will reach his goal of sending them to the best universities.

 “Working on Freelancer is my lifestyle now. I can now reach for my dreams and aspirations. My life has changed for the better. Only in my wildest of dreams have I become the boss of my own company,” he said.

With, dreams become milestones.

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