My growth as a Preferred Freelancer

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My name is Paris Pallas, and like most freelancers, I joined this site to expand my horizons and gain additional income to improve my family’s life.

I live by the mantra “No pain, no gain” to always keep me motivated in my professional work.

Since my early childhood, I’ve known that becoming notable and achieving my goals can’t happen unless I set lofty goals, work hard, and focus daily to reach the top.

It took me a long time to orientate myself with the freelance style of business required to succeed on Freelancer. Now, eight years later, I am among the top freelancers in my field.

Along this exciting journey, I took advantage of every new feature this site has introduced over the years. I have invested personal time and funds with the goal of eventually acquiring a title or denomination that would separate me from the crowd.

Becoming part of the Preferred Freelancer Program was one of the easiest choices I’ve had to make. An extra fee accompanying the program seemed reasonable since it granted access to this higher level of top clientele.

The expectation of working with clients on high-value projects was alluring and left no room for doubt or second thought. I knew I had what it took to be one of these high-quality freelancers, someone that a client could depend on to get a valuable project done efficiently, at a high quality, and at a price representative of an expert freelancer.

I recall my early stages on, when I had to prove my abilities on every new project, working endless hours for every dollar while occasionally being charged for projects upfront.

PFP has improved my career tremendously!

Now I get invitations to high-value projects regularly, through notifications I receive on my mobile phone when I am out, never missing a chance!

There are no upfront charges anymore, and the clients are confident about working with qualified professionals recommended by the site’s recruiters. After working through a series of 500 successful projects to become one of the top freelancers, I do not have to work on dozens of projects concurrently, but instead I can focus on select, big projects that stimulate my motivation and sustain my growing income.

Moreover, being part of a league of experts comes with a sense of pride and adds significant value to my career. Clients appreciate my effort and expertise, and my work is distinguished.

Last but not least, my family enjoys the gained time, which I spend on quality activities with them. Thanks to PFP, I’ve seen a massive improvement in both my professional and personal lives!

Postado 15 setembro, 2021

Paris Pallas

Access | Excel | VBA | Power BI | Top 1%

I’m a Microsoft Office Applications Developer who takes great pride in my work. Through meticulous attention to detail and passion for my career, I develop, write, and customize top-quality code in VBA that allows me to create custom, high-performance applications for my clients. I’m well-versed in several areas, including (but not limited to): ● Excel ● Access ● VBA (Visual Basic for Apps) ● Pow...

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