A Young Entrepreneur's Search for a Startup Logo

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Most kids at the age of 13 play video games, watch movies and get into other recreational activities, but not Ollie Forsyth. At that time, he was concentrating on the growth of his online jewelry business -- Ollie’s Shop. In his first year of business, he raked in roughly £13,000.

His knack for business began when he was six-years-old. Back then, he made tea for his parents and charged them 20 pence a cup. From there, the values of perseverance, patience, and hard work were instilled in him at a very young age.

A Different Path to Success

When Ollie was 16, he was always on the receiving end of bullying because of his dyslexia. One of the worst experiences he had was being pinned to ground and having his eyebrow shaved for no particular reason. That pushed him to stop schooling and pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

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Photograph by Rosie Hardy at the Uni’s Not For Me photoshoot.

Today, at 19, he is a nationally recognized entrepreneur whose businesses are flourishing every day. He had the chance to meet his idol entrepreneur, Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group. It was just one of the many opportunities that branched out from the success he has worked hard for.

Wanting to inspire others to follow his footsteps towards success, he put up a new startup, The Budding Entrepreneur, an online magazine that gives readers daily doses of business ideas and entrepreneurship tips.

Ollie knew that to effectively market his new startup, he would have to create a meaningful logo which would represent the brand and the team behind it.

Finding the Perfect Logo

His search for a logo designer led him to Freelancer. “I have known and heard about Freelancer.com for a long time so I thought to try it out. I had friends post a few projects and they were getting results,” shared Ollie.

Once the project was posted, bids were coming in so quickly. Ollie and his colleagues had the luxury of going through different portfolios to find the most qualified freelancer, and after reviewing several portfolios, they chose Dan Foreman, a graphic designer from America.


The inspiration for the logo design was a budding plant, which was a concept Dan introduced. It was the perfect representation of what the company stood for.Ollie loved working with his freelancer and had one word to describe it -- fantastic.

“I did not have much knowledge in the graphic design industry, and he did. The help he provided me with was massive. Working on Freelancer was really simple. I encourage others to use Freelancer.com, most especially those setting up their businesses,” said Ollie.

Now that Ollie has a logo for The Budding Entrepreneur, he looks forward to launching The Budding Entrepreneur Club, a community that will bring together, educate, and inspire other like-minded entrepreneurs. Ollie found a business partner in Freelancer. Whenever he needs to complete a project, he knows where to find the best talent around the globe.

Are you an entrepreneur with a world-class idea? Hire a freelancer and get the job done.

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