22 Productivity Apps You Never Knew You Needed

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The technological revolution has made our working lives so much easier. Tasks such as following up on emails, preparing for meetings, or taking notes look cumbersome and time-consuming, but with a few wonderful new apps available on the market, productivity is taken to a whole new level.

Whether you are into research or you want to take notes, there are some awesome apps out there that will help boost your productivity. For example, Braintoss is an app that turns your thoughts - which can be typed, recorded, or photographed - into crystal clear transcribed text. Need to gather some information on somebody you are meeting for the first time? The Charlie app's for you.

If you don’t know where to start, we have put together 22 productivity apps you didn’t know you needed.

1. Braintoss. This is a fine app that helps you document your thoughts or notes. By typing your thoughts, snapping a picture, or speaking, Braintoss helps to record your ideas and move them directly into your inbox. This amazing app can go as far as transcribing images, or any recorded audio, into text.

2. Atlas Recall. This app helps users search for anything they have ever used or seen on any of their app, device, or cloud service. These may include browser history, chat messages, social media, email accounts, and more.

3. FollowUp. As life gets busier and more hectic, you sometimes forget to follow up on an email with important clients. FollowUp ensures you don’t forget anything  important. This app helps to gather all your text messages, unanswered phone calls, and important emails in one place, as a reminder.

4. Workflowy. This is another great app that helps you organize your to-dos and ensures you complete your task. Workflowy is used for making lists and taking notes - it helps users manage their daily information by putting everything in one place.

5. Temp Mail. It can be stressful dealing with spam messages flooding your inbox, especially when you have far more important things to do. Temp Mail helps to solve this issue when you sign up on their website.

6. Muzzle. There are some messages you receive from friends that are just embarrassing. When you are in the office and your screen is on sharing mode - for presentations, meetings, or other work stuff - Muzzle hides those messages popping up on your computer. It doesn’t in any way stop you from receiving the messages.

7. Unclutter. This app is available for Mac users only. It helps you organize your files, notes, and to-dos in one place without cluttering your screen. It becomes visible only when you move your mouse to the screen top and scroll down with the trackpad. It makes your frequently used files accessible without making your computer look messy or unorganized.

8. Things. Your to-dos can get congested and messy sometimes. This app helps to fix that. For iOS and Mac, Things organizes your to-do lists in different sections including today, upcoming, this evening, and other customizable captions.

9. Yoink. This is yet another great app for Mac users. Yoink helps to make your daily workflow simple and fast. It makes dragging and dropping of files on your computer easy, and provides a temporary location to put all your files. As a result, your desktop and other files become freed up of images, screenshots, and other content, so you don't need to waste time dragging your mouse around to organize these files.

10. Awesome Screenshot. It can sometimes be hard to catch a perfect screenshot of your computer. And once you have finally captured it, you can’t edit it directly. Awesome Screenshot makes it easy to snap any part of a web page, annotate, and blur sensitive information, comment, and share with others.

11. Cushion. As a freelancer, it can be daunting to take on projects and manage your time correctly. Often, you take too much work and barely have time for rest. Cushion, developed by a group of freelancers, helps to plan in advance by notifying users when they are overbooked and when they are available for work. It also helps in invoicing clients and tracking your monthly financial goals.

12. Charlie. If you are going for an interview or planning to attend a meeting, it is always a good idea to have some knowledge about the person you are going to meet. Instead of spending time online doing research, Charlie handles this for you. It goes through different sources to create a single page information on the person you are planning to meet.

13. RescueTime. This app helps you to manage your time properly. It tells you the exact amount of time you are wasting on websites or other apps.

14. Harvest. This app helps users to track the amount of time used on projects, and also ensure they are staying on budget. It also gives insights in estimating future projects, and the profitability of a business. Aside from time tracking, Harvest also helps with invoicing.

15. Revue. If you are building a company or personal brand, one of the best ways to address your audience is via newsletters. Although newsletters are highly impactful in reaching out to an audience and starting a conversation, they can be time-consuming to put together. Revue makes this whole process easy by offering templates and sending the newsletters out to your followers.

16. Pomello. This app helps Trello users organize and complete their Trello tasks easily. Pomello makes you focused on your daily tasks by letting you when to take breaks, go to the gym, etc.

17. Strides. This amazing app helps you keep track of your habits and goals, letting you know your present status towards achieving the goal you have set. It groups goals and habits in four sections: habit, target, project, and average. Besides helping you to achieve your goals, Strides helps you get rid of any bad habits.

18. Squid. This app is meant for Windows and Android devices. It saves you time by converting handwritten notes or other forms of documents into PDFs or images. You can scan and sign these documents without needing to print them out, and you can also annotate and write on images.

19. Realtime Board. Effective communication is key when working with a team. This app is designed to help keep every team member abreast of developments. Users can work on collective research, design together, etc. Realtime Board puts everything in a single place for every team member to see what’s going on.      

20. Feedly. There are so many news outlets available today, making it difficult to differentiate between breaking news and normal headlines. Feedly helps you to quickly go through articles and filter the important ones. It helps users to organize, save, read, and share stories.

21. Timezone. If you hire freelancers online from any part of the world, this app helps you to track their current location and time. Timezone is great for teams who need to organize meetings and calls that fall within everyone’s schedule.

22. RefMe. It can be stressful dealing with citations, but Refme helps make this easier. Just paste a url or scan a barcode to get a citation in different formats.

So now that you know just how useful these apps are, you can fit them into your daily work life to make work easy for you.

If you know of other useful apps that are needed to make work easier and faster, do share with us in the comment section below.

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