Signs You Have a Bad Boss

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Do you feel like quitting your job every time you set your eyes on your boss? Do you dread waking up in the morning when you imagine working with them again?  You could be one of those employees who are unfortunate to have a horrible boss.

The job search site Monster conducted a global poll that found 32% of employees rated their managers as There's Nothing Wrong with Being a Phone-Phobe “horrible” and only 15 percent rated theirs as “excellent.”

Bad bosses can be found at all levels, and are a real threat to career success and personal peace. They bring out the worst in those they supervise. A bad boss negatively impacts all aspects of an individual’s life, including health and relationships. Dealing with them can be emotionally draining.

Your stress and strained relationships could have a lot to do with your boss, so it is vital to evaluate the kind of manager you have and take measures to improve the quality of your life. Master the techniques of not allowing a bad boss to ruin your career.

The Liar Boss

It can be challenging to build a relationship with someone who lies. In such cases, take the time to analyze the situation and understand the cause of this lying behavior.

Use wisdom when confronting the liar boss. Don’t be confrontation or use sarcasm, as that could complicate the situation and cause trouble. Be tactful and encourage honesty rather than being confrontational.

The Know-it-all Boss

Learning from mistakes helps one grow and become better. If your boss is always defensive when in the wrong and will not acknowledge their mistakes, it gives employees the feeling of working in an insecure environment. One cannot feel secure with such a boss.

The Over-Promising Boss

A boss who gets an employee to accept extra responsibilities with the promise of a promotion that never happens, is a dishonest boss. Promises that are never fulfilled demoralize employees. So does a boss who gives you responsibilities, only to take them away and give to someone else.

Take the matter up with them and respectfully ask for answers. You can schedule a face-to-face discussion about it or if that proves too much for you, handle it through email communication.

The Explosive Boss

Being reprimanded publicly is humiliating and destroys an employee’s self-confidence. If your boss criticizes you publicly, give yourself time to cool down then make a chance to see them about it in private.

Do not be defensive or confrontational. Take all the fight out of them by taking the blame for the episode and apologizing. Let them know that you would appreciate hearing about your mistake privately in future.

The Boss who does not Appreciate Diversity

Some people take themselves as the measure of what human beings should be like. According to them, everyone should be just like them and see everything their way.

If you have a boss who does not accept you for being who you are and casts their image into everything you do, be true to who you are without disrespecting them. Pay attention to what they say and only implement what is worth implementing and ignore what is not necessary.

The Micro-Manager Boss

Bosses who do not trust their employees are capable of doing what they need to do, can be overbearing and suffocating. The way to get an overbearing boss to give you space is to report everything in detail before they ask you.

Take details of meetings and other business interactions and send them to the boss promptly. Delays to update them could make them be all over you demanding updates.

The Boss Who Overworks You

Your boss might be power hungry and cannot feel complete if you are not in the office working under their command. You complete your job as expected only to be called back during your days off, or non-working days such as weekends. They could also be giving you work that is twice what you can handle.

It could signal they are incompetent and cannot handle work all on their own. Protect interruptions to your time away from the office by giving detailed updates about the work, and assuring them everything is in control. Also, let them know that you have limited time.

The Boss Who Plays Favorites

The boss who has favourites can demoralize other employees. No matter how good and committed you are to your job, you always seem to be overshadowed by the boss' favorite.

Be a team player and recognize and acknowledge the input of team members without playing favorites. Your behavior can make the boss rethink their position and start recognizing the excellent job being done by different people besides their favoured one.

The Boss Who Does Not Want to Hear Your Viewpoint

Your job is important to you, and so is the contribution you make. The boss who does not want to listen to your perspective can, therefore, demoralize you and also have your important contributions being left out.

This is a battle that may be difficult to win because if you fight the boss, you could win that battle but end up losing the war.  Use wisdom to win over the boss to settle for a compromise, which cannot happen if you use confrontation.

The Boss Who Wants All The Limelight

Your boss might be hungry for the glory that comes with success. They use the word ‘I’ whenever they speak about success, stealing the limelight from you. All conversations end up being about them. Try and understand the cause of the behavior. Do your work and manage up.

The Boss Who Does Not Support Your Growth

Your boss could be so unhelpful that whatever feedback they give you is useless. Such a boss might be outright incompetent at the job or could be deliberately blocking you from getting the information you need.

This one calls for some tough choices. Continuing to report to the same boss could make you stagnate, so you might have to consider a lateral move.

The Gossip

The gossip boss is poisonous and can cause conflicts. If they drag you into gossip, use tact to avoid getting involved. Make a non-committal response to the gossip and immediately switch the discussion to work related issues. Always remember that should you allow yourself to be drawn into gossip, there are no guarantees that what you say will not reach other people, tainting your reputation.

The Boss Who Does Not Respect Boundaries

The boss who makes jokes about you can be offensive, especially because the two of you are not equals. Worse still is the boss who crosses boundaries by teasing and flirting. Do not entertain it at all. Stand your ground; they will soon learn that you are not the type to be joked around with.

The Indecisive Boss

Does your boss tell you one thing and before the day is over, it has changed to something totally different? The boss who frequently changes their mind can lead to many false-starts in the team and affect productivity. Learn to be independent and inform them of your intentions without waiting to be given instructions.

The Boss Who Keeps You Stagnant

Handling the same routine tasks over an extended period without the opportunity to try out new things can make you stagnate. The boss who gives you no room to grow can stand in the way of your growth.

Use wisdom to show your boss how your credentials can be helpful in projects. If your suggestions are not heeded no matter how tactful you are, you might have to consider volunteering to support work from other departments where your input will be accepted.

The Passive Aggressive Boss

Knowing where you stand with the boss is very important, whether the feedback is positive or negative. The boss who is passive aggressive might confuse you and leave not knowing where you stand. Always ask for clarity from such people.

The Boss with Emotional Stability Issues

Your boss can be pleasant one moment and out of control the next. They might be the kind who responds to situations by throwing tantrums. It is very easy to get provoked and lose your cool when the boss is raging mad, but you must learn how to always maintain your cool. Stay professional and give workable solutions to crises.

Would you rate your boss as “horrible”? Let us know in the comments below.

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