Starting an Online T-Shirt Business: What’s Stopping You?

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Who doesn’t love the quintessential t-shirt…Comfortable, casual, with pithy sayings and images that express our moods and attitudes, the t-shirt is a warm and welcoming best friend. Always en vogue, this garment is a staple of everyone’s wardrobe. And of course, everybody has their all-time favorite go-to T.

What’s also incredibly popular now, is the emergence of online t-shirt startups, entrepreneurs who want to venture into the digital world, yet do so cautiously. It just doesn’t get any better than the t-shirt business in this capacity. Simple and very cost effective to launch, online t-shirt businesses seem to be all the rage. Anyone can start such a venture. Here are a few tips to help you.

Get the Creative Juices Flowing. The key to a great t-shirt company, great design. The key to a really great online t-shirt company: original, innovative, never-before-seen design. You have to have a niche. What are you passionate about? What types of designs and images dazzle you? In many ways, your t-shirt company is a reflection of your own tastes and style.

So what exactly is your market? Perhaps you’re a funny sayings kind of t-shirt entrepreneur, or maybe cute and cuddly animals is the way you want to go. Whatever type of t-shirt you choose to create, just make sure there is some level of originality behind it.

Think Design. Once you’ve figured out essentially how you want to approach your t-shirt startup, you need to begin working out the actual designs. Here is where quality most definitely counts. People aren’t going to purchase shoddily designed products. They don’t want subpar knockoffs. They know what they like and inevitably what they like is a high quality, interesting design. This is where you might want to think about bringing in a talented freelance graphic designer. They could work with you to finetune your concept and ultimately bring those images to life.

The Quality of the Actual Shirt. Do not overlook this. Cheapest is not always going to be best, and especially if the cheapest (a.k.a. lowest quality) t-shirts aren’t going to sit well with your buyers, well, let’s just say this could spell the demise of your company. When you’re shopping for a t-shirt supplier, look at the fabric they offer, ask for samples, see if it can hold up to laundering. These are crucial observations in terms of ensuring that yours is a brand with which people come to associate the word “quality.” Which brings us to…

Your Brand. Just as with any company, your online t-shirt business is also about building a buzz around your brand. This is who you are, your identity. It is also your promise and what you stand for. Creating an eye-popping logo with say the help of a talented logo designer, and a company philosophy and mission with the assistance of a skilled content writer, is only going to make that brand stronger.

Get Those T-Shirts Sold. And how exactly do you do this…With some top notch marketing of course. And any such efforts are going to need to start with an engaging website. With website developers galore,’s platform can certainly be of great help here. Once the site is up and running, and t-shirt production is underway, start marketing your butt off. If you want a successful online t-shirt business, you have to be willing to get your name and your brand out there. Share on Facebook or Instagram. Tweet it! Also, you may want to hire a marketing manager to help oversee all of your efforts. Whatever you have to do to entice a prospective clientele, build up your brand, and put some cash in your pocket—do it!

Starting an online t-shirt business may just be the perfect venture, you’re thinking to yourself right about now. And you may be right. Test the waters. Give it a go. Hire some incredible Freelancers to help. Post your project today and just get it going!


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