The 13 Coolest IoT Startups Of 2017 (So Far)

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The Internet of Things portfolio continues to expand in 2017, and a look into this year shows an emergence of various tech-based businesses which are promising to put new meaning into the world of technology. It is an indication of great things to come. Indeed, an IDB report indicates a growth of 17% in IoT spending this year. 

There’s a lot of untapped potential in using IoT in manufacturing, security, and industrial connectivity segments, and these are the areas where some start-ups have shown interest.

Here is a list of the 13 IoT Startups of 2017:


Armis is a security IoT company that focuses on establishing the authenticity of devices in use within the organization. The technology promises to ‘know every device’. The aim is to avoid all chance of vital information and data being exposed to malicious devices and networks. Apart from seeing every device and systems in use, you can also control them whether managed by IT or not. This is good news in today’s business environment where risks associated with growth in technology are on the rise.

With the injection of additional capital of $17 million in June this year, the company aims at scaling its IoT security channels to greater heights.


Augury diagnoses your machines for malfunctions before they happen. The diagnosis is made using their unique portable devices that can hear and analyze the functions of  different components in a machine. 

Based in New York with Saar Yoskovitz as its CEO, this company also has technology that offers industrial customers a way of monitoring information on their other machines. Administrative programs and a mobile app aid industrial customers to learn the vital statistics on their machines.

Augury negotiated $17 million funding in June this year, in order to develop strategic partnerships and strengthen its OEM relationships

Bayshore Networks

Under the leadership of Mike Dager, Bayshore Networks focuses on industrial security. Industrial customers now have reason to smile, because with a subscription to Bayshore services, they’ll no longer have to worry about internet-based risks. The company has come up with tech that allows the IT department to see all machines, employees, applications, networks, and other operational technological infrastructures in use within an organization... and manage their security.

Based in Bethesda MD and founded in 2012, this company announced an additional $ 6.6 million Series A funding this year from Trident Capital Cybersecurity, and other investors, to aid its growth projection.


With the use of its Xsense technologies, CyberX can keep industrial cyber security in check. A dashboard enables customers to manage alerts, granting them control of industrial operations. Using machine learning and modeling, clients can detect attacks and take control measures, thereby reducing operational downtime.

Under the guidance of CEO Omer Schneider, the company was able to get a $9 million boost in Series A funding from Flint Capital, to improve on its industrial cyber security operations. CyberX was founded in 2012 and continues to operate from Framingham, Mass.


This California-based company, which came into existence this year, promises to provide solutions in mitigating challenges of IoT deployment complexities, and security concerns for the manufacturing industries. It offers network connection of on-site systems with cloud-based applications.

Services are available from May. In the same month, the company secured a further $8.4 million in Series A funding to expand its services to other areas including smart buildings, oil and gas markets, transportation, and smart cities. IoTium has Ron Victor at its helm.


Notion uses sensors to help homeowners achieve total control of their homes. They can monitor everything, including temperature levels in each room. With devices on sale from $129, a homeowner can achieve total awareness - they can even tell when a door opens.

The current investors, XL Innovate and Mesh VC, teamed up with Draper Nexus and TransLink Capital for Notion to upscale its operations, with Series A funding of $10 million. CEO Brett Jurgens is now set to continue connecting homes using the low-cost gadgets.


Pas is based in Houston, and under the guidance of Eddie Habibi, promises to continue providing solutions regarding the security of industrial control systems. The company is committed to strengthening its services, which protect critical infrastructure from security risks using Cyber Integrity.

Additional $40 million was raised in April this year as part of the journey to grow its operations in IoT security. Its functions also include security of distributed control systems, programmable logic control, and turbo machinery controls.


Pepper is a platform that helps companies come up with IoT products and services. Pepper uses the IoT-operating system which complements the service delivery platform they have created. The company is not stopping there; it has an ambitious future project of building global mass market channels, and a launch of several IoT products.

Scott Fords, CEO of the company, is enthusiastic after managing to raise a Series B funding to the tune of $8.5 million in March this year. This is earmarked for the intended future expansion.

From his offices in Kansas City, the CEO was jubilant when thanking the investors and partners for helping raise funds.


Using internet-connected sensors, Samsara has come up with a solution that collects, encrypts, and secures data before transmitting to the cloud, where it's aggregated and analyzed for business value. Its customers in transportation, industrial operations, utilities, and warehousing can get these services without worrying about safety, security, and confidentiality of data as the company has adopted a customized approach to suit each customer.

To continue meeting the demands of the growing markets, Samsara, with Sanjit Biswas at its helm, secured a series C funding of $40 million in June. The San Francisco boardroom is abuzz with IoT bigwigs drawing the next copy of strategies that will put their IoT business above the rest.


From Columbia, Md, Amit Yoran continues to lead a team of IoT enthusiasts to develop solutions for connected operational technology assets. The company made the Tenable platform available in June, which allows manufacturers to see all their concerned assets and secure them.

Nessus sensors are in use here, together with third party data collection technology to meet the security demands of manufacturers as they scale the use of IoT.


Asset management and safety continues to attract IoT solution providers across the globe. In Munich, Konux has its eyes set on asset performance and security. The company is also gearing up to spread into other European markets after raising $16 million in Series A funding.

Konux integrates smart sensor systems and AI-based analytics that check on assets and infrastructure performance, and then advises on maintenance when needed. This way, a company is saved from having to halt operations due to an unexpected breakdown.


Internet radio is not left out either. Bastille focuses on mitigating the risk associated with the devices used for this purpose. Devices emitting radio signals in an organization are made visible through the use of sensors and software specifically made by the engineers at Bastille. The technology can scan the environment, collect data, store, and map with the aim of noticing the devices transmitting data, and their locations.

This can curb cyber threats and help in analysis of the signal trend within the organization.


This is an IoT startup that helps network the entire company without using cables, Wi-Fi, radio, or cellular phones.  Filament deploys a long-range wireless network covering the entire location within the same compound, or in multiple locations. They use sensors to spread network where it’s needed.

Using this technology, communication is made possible while keeping the organization within required safety levels. Setting this technology and managing its performance has been made simple, and requires no prior knowledge of communication systems, security, and network stacks.

IoT is now the focal point for tech-savvy investors, and more dollars are expected to flow in that direction due to its high returns.

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