Types of Rewriting Assignments

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To put it simply, rewriting is a process that involves packaging old written content in a new way, while retaining the original angle and information. This is usually done in order to shorten written works, or when the written content needs to fit within a new set of boundaries. 

If you are a writer, you need to pay careful attention to the instructions given. Some clients require a complete overhaul of content while others just want simple changes made. You should therefore be aware of the types of rewriting assignments available before you take on a job.

Proofreading Assignments

Proofreading is the most basic of rewriting assignments. It entails correcting typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors found in written works. When doing this form of assignment, the basic sentence structure needs to remain as it is.

Some of the issues that you may need to look into when proofreading include whether the right words have been used based on the required regional language. For example, color is the wrong word to use for UK English written works (the right word is colour). Other things you may need to change include punctuation marks used.

Sentence Level Rewriting Assignments

Sentence level rewrites will require you to change the structure of the sentences while maintaining their original meaning. In such cases, the order of information should be retained.

Assuming the sentences below are part of an assignment:

She was born first. Two brothers follow her.

The rewritten work will be as follows:

She is the first-born. Her younger siblings are both male.

The rewritten work retains the original meaning as well as the order of information.

Paragraph Level Rewriting Assignments

Paragraph level rewrites entail changing the basic sentence structures within each paragraph, in terms of words used as well as order. However, all the information within the paragraph should remain consistent.

Assuming the paragraph below is part of an assignment:

Her family is made up of five people. She was born first. Two brothers follow her. The remainder of her family consists of her father and mother.

The rewritten work will be as follows:

She comes from a family of five. In addition to her mother and father, she has two younger brothers.

The rewritten work maintains the spirit of the original content despite having fewer sentences.

Page Level Rewriting Assignments

Page level rewrites are done when the content needs to look very different from the original content.

Assignments of this nature will require you to rewrite the content by changing the sentence structure and the order of sentences within the paragraph. You will also be required to rearrange the structures of the paragraphs on each page to bring about a new order to the information. All these changes must be done without losing the basic pieces of information that need to be passed to the reader.

Summaries Rewriting Assignments

When you need to write a summary, you must first read the assignment from start to finish. Summaries need to provide a shortened version of the original content provided to you. Anything that can be considered irrelevant must be cut out. The new content must contain only important information from the original piece.


Rewriting assignments provide you with an opportunity to make money without doing any research at all. You should, therefore, learn how to rewrite articles in multiple ways based on the instructions given.


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