Want To Increase Conversions? Try ‘Chatting’ Up A Computer

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Conversion rates can be increased in several ways, and although it is a good idea to take counsel of experts in the field, you can’t expect to find success without understanding the problem yourself. If you familiarize yourself with already proven conversion increasing strategies, they will help you make beneficial decisions that enable you to ensure long-term growth. This will give your organization an advantage over your competitors as far as conversion tactics are concerned. If you can hold the traffic you receive, there are several ways to improve your site’s conversion rates. But it is not as simple as it looks.

Constant A/B testing and small tweaks undoubtedly increase conversions. Other proven tactics - like landing page messaging, testing new color schemes and navigational layout - can promote sales and subscriptions. But if you have already tried out these out without results, it is time to think of using  chatbots. If you have no previous experience of building chatbots, you can follow steps to help you - or you can browse for a freelancer to implement it on your website.

But before you begin, see how chatbots can contribute to increased conversions

Improving Customer Service

Your site is most likely already interacting with clients using an automated system of customer service. Over 75% of organizations are either already making use of chatbots, or are planning to do so in the future. It has been proven that adding this automatic step to customer service increases positive reactions to user questions, taking the customer more successfully towards a conversion. Customers now expect an automated service, as it has become the norm for many businesses.

Most times customers prefer a chatbot solution to communicating by phone. It can be a little irritating to dial a number, be put on hold for a long time and then have a lengthy discussion. Chatbots offer an immediate service or response that sometimes even an efficient employee cannot. It is often not possible to provide customer service 24/7 due to lack of manpower, but chatbots can fill the gap. Most businesses are using chatbots to provide their customers with a better and more efficient experience. By adding this feature to your website, you are setting up your organization to give a faster response to customers, hence driving more conversions. Customers are often not willing to wait for hours or days for a human response, and you may lose the sale.

Creating Custom Scripts

Chatbots are more than what they seem. Before you decide it is too much work, look carefully at what it can do for your business. Achatbot acts like a customer services expert, providing customized answers to all queries. Customers are often not satisfied with generic scripts that lead them to the FAQ page, or make them fill out long contact forms. Customers are happy when they feel that they are instantly cared for, even though it is an automated system they are interacting with. Chatbots offers a reliable system that offers detailed information to customers, based on their individual questions and requirements. The central concept is that the more details that are collected in your chatbot, the easier it is to create scripts that will result in increased conversions.

Change your Approach

Whatever you do to increase conversions, if it is not something your audience requires you may be wasting time and money. Chatbots can assist you in understanding your target audience if you program it to record data, and track purchases. This will help you observe the needs of your customers, and make changes to reflect this understanding. You can also make adjustments in your chatbot scripts to offer better services in future.

Focus on the user’s experience through proactive interaction

Most brands make use of passive interaction with customers, i.e., responding to their questions. They do not go out of their way to contact customers to get feedback about their brand. Chatbots are very useful for interacting with all types of customers. Customers are more impressed when they are questioned about their experience, thus reinforcing their sense of intimacy with the brand - which can in turn lead to more sales.

For the optimization of your website, chatbots are ideal for collecting opinions, besides communicating with customers directly. Getting feedback can help you bring about improvements on your site.  For example, if your page receives a lot of traffic, but there are no conversions, you can enlist the help of chatbots to gather information about the reasons why people are visiting but not buying.

Custom ads

Chatbots work begins with hosting the user, gathering information and then requesting the user to wait. During this time, custom ads are generated using the user’s name and other information. These custom ads help with sales conversions. But the most important thing here is that chatbots must look and sound real. It can harm the brand image if the quality of chatbot is not satisfactory and the customer is unhappy.

Browse freelancer for the correct use of chatbots that will enable you to get more visitors on your site, leading to more conversions and sales.

What is the need to use a Chatbot?

  • People are spending a considerable amount of time online, and they prefer to chat over all other options. They always want available channels to connect with the business.

  • A chatbot can increase the efficiency of your business by giving instant responses, leading to more conversions, and then increased sales and higher revenue.

  • You should expand your marketing and communication skills to take advantage of what’s working at present, and what will work in future.

  • There is a lot of competition you have to face, so should use technology to your advantage

What makes Chatbots so Interesting

The versatile nature of chatbots makes them ideal for performing a variety of functions in customer service, customer interaction and for marketing. Chatbots have become popular since Facebook authorized chatbots on its applications, the best being Siri and Cortana, or Amazon. These chatbots have been designed to provide customers with information on anything and everything.

Statistics have shown that around 1.4 billion users interact with a chatbot on a regular basis. Although this number is already quite large, it is expected to grow in the coming years.  You can’t call this technology magical, but it should be implemented on your website if you want to increase your conversion rate. Businesses, both small and large, are using chatbots to increase leads and conversions for e-commerce, engagements, customer service and much more.

Are you using chatbots on your website?  Have you seen any improvement in the conversion rate after you started implementing them on your site? Go ahead and share your views in the comments section. 

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