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The written content on your website will produce one of two responses from your readers:

A proactive action of some type—positive response
An inactive response of disinterest—ignoring call to action

Five copywriting tips for better results-


Visualize your buyer
If you only know your target market generally, then you don’t know them well enough. REALLY get to know them! To obtain desired results from your target market, you first need to write and refer to specific market profiles. So, before generating new web content, invest 15 minutes or so evaluating the individual you seek to attract and motivate to action. Then, while you are writing your web content, visualize this person, their personality, thought patterns, and behavioural tendencies. What sparks their interest? What motivates them to action? What causes them to become disinterested?

Develop a plan
You need to be organized before beginning to generate your website marketing content. Don’t simply sit down and begin writing off the cuff. First spend 20-30 minutes creating a rough outline of the message(s) you intend to communicate to your readership. Now that you’ve brainstormed about your target audience’s specific characteristics and written them down, put this invested time and effort to constructive use. Make notes about what your target-audience members need to know to take the positive action you want. A few notes will aid you in creating a basic structure of your concepts. But more-extensive notes will better equip you to effectively motivate your audience.

Allow editing time
Always do a careful once-over on your written web content. Carefully but as quickly as necessary scour, or skim through (as time allows) your writing for errors. Look for: typos; misspellings; incorrect information; basic sense; and a logical flow of ideas. Always be certain about how much time you have available for your project, and to allow sufficient time for review and editing. Also, do your best to allow as much time as necessary to produce your web marketing copy. Doing so in more than one session may help you achieve better results. (A rested brain and a fresh look often do wonders to maximize results!)

Allow editing time or Outsource your proofreading
Ideally, you also will want someone else to review your writing a fresh set of eyes. If at all possible, use someone whom you know well: a friend or family member, for instance. But the person you select for this task if at all possible should be a person who has a decent command of the English language. A coworker or other business associate is another possible source for proofreading your material. A final option is to actually pay a professional proofreader to carefully review your work.

Interject a call to action
No marketing piece is complete without a well-thought-out and gripping “call to action.” Be active in your language, not passive: Call for a desired response from your readership; do not ask a question! It may be trendy, but asking a question not only defies traditional and conventional technique, but simply is illogical. If you want members of your target audience to behave in a certain way(s), then why leave your appeal open-ended? Instead, be assertive and use active language to direct even almost choreograph, if you will your audience’s thoughts and behaviour. Be compelling!

These five copywriting tips designed to help you achieve positive results from the readership of your web content are not difficult concepts , though not necessarily easy to do. Give them another read , then jot down a summary of each one on a sticky note. (Better yet, type them into a word-processing document, then print them out and post them somewhere in your office or work area. Summarizing them is fine for this purpose; just do this carefully.)


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