Wedding Ideas for the Tech Savvy Bride

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Planning a wedding can be chaotic, but a lot of fun as well, especially if you love technology.

We live in a world filled with amazing alternatives and tools for your special day. Why keep it traditional when you could take some bold moves to set your celebration apart? After all, we are in the 21st century, right?

Here are a few ideas to inspire all of the tech-savvy brides out there!


Customized wedding website

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your guests could visit a website to find out all of your wedding details and updates?

No need to keep on repeating all your responses to guests asking you for details as you can just send them the link of your wedding website. That way, everyone’s up-to-date.

You can add as many features as you like from RSVP fill out forms to photo uploads to your gift registry. The possibilities are endless! If you like this idea, visit the Freelancer Directory and hire a website developer now

Hashtag your wedding, gather the images, and create a photo book

People love Instagram, and what better occasion to share lovely pics than a wedding!

How cool would that be? You could get dozens of pictures from all different angles, portraying your day to the fullest. The easy way to do this is to ask all your guests to use your official hashtag in the photos they’ll post about your wedding.

Having those pictures in Instagram would be great, but what if we tell you that you could take it to the next level? Gather all of those beautiful shots and hire a professional who can create a photobook of your wedding pictures.

Lovely idea, right? Find a freelancer to help you turn those pretty pictures into a piece of art.

Interactive invitation

Invitations say a lot about what kind of wedding you are having. It gives a preview of the theme you chose and your style as a bride.

By designing a digital and interactive invitation you could give it a special touch and save paper at the same time.

You could make it easier for your guests to RSVP. Just link them to the site and make sure you won’t forget anyone on the list. Like this project? Get some help here.  

Create a video for your better half

Videos add a very special touch to weddings. You could prepare a nice one for your special someone, or even for your family and friends. Afraid this might not fit in the budget?

By hiring a freelancer to create a video for you, you could highlight your sweetest memories without breaking the bank. Surprise your significant other with a video on the big day. Hire a freelance video editor.

Planning a wedding is a great opportunity to try new and exciting things. Not every bride fits in the cookie cutter type of wedding, so customizing it according to your personality and interest could make your big day even more special. If you’re a tech-savvy bride, what else would you like to do for your wedding?

Do you need freelancers for your wedding projects? Search our directory and find out how your grandest day can be made extra special.

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