Why Your Attempts of Getting More Clients Fail

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Are you experiencing “client drought”? Ah, a freelancer’s nightmare. It’s a phase where you begin to doubt all your attempts in getting more clients because nothing seems to work.

If freelancing is your main source of income, the number of clients you have in a month is crucial. You wouldn’t be a full-time freelancer in the first place if you haven’t been receiving a steady stream of projects regularly, right?

Now if you’ve only been freelancing for a year or so, you have to work harder than you thought. It starts with establishing your reputation and portfolio. One surefire way to do it: Win more clients.

A few months back, we published a blog that listed down seven reasons why you’re not winning projects, and gave away corresponding solutions. We’re hoping you followed what we’ve advised you to do, BUT in case your attempts fell short, these could probably be the reasons why:


1. It’s been a while since the last time you’ve updated your profile.

You’re selling your services, and in our platform, your profile page serves as your storefront. It should show all your best selling points. Help employers decide that you’re the right fit, and that they should not be looking around for anyone else.

Upload your recent projects, improve your description, and update your profile picture. A good profile goes beyond impressing potential clients. A good profile makes them want to click that Hire Me button in your page right away.

2. You haven’t taken any Skills Test yet (or maybe you did just one or two?)

Skills Tests are short tests you can take on various skills that will reveal your level of proficiency. Does it really matter? If you want to attract more clients, yes. List down all the skills you have and certify each one. Of course, earning a high rating makes completing a test all the more sweeter. Plus, all your certifications will appear on your profile page, so you better nail all of them!

3. Joining contests isn’t your thing

You’re after winning projects, we get it. But did you know that joining a contest is another way to showcase your skills? If you win, you take home the prize and get a review from the contest holder. Best part is, you will unlock a new gateway to be hired.

4. You’re not bidding enough

How often do you bid? It’s not everyday that clients offer their projects to you. You have to be proactively looking for projects. If you have the Freelancer mobile app installed on your smartphone, it’s easier to keep track of projects matching your skills wherever you may be.

The number of bids you have per month depends on your membership plan. Consider upgrading so you can bid more.

Which of the four reasons above do you think hampers your chances of attracting more clients? Check your profile, take skills tests, join contests, and bid often.

To end this, make it a daily habit to view projects with the same enthusiasm as whenever you check on the Facebook updates of “Stranger Things”. You can get more clients if you know where and how to find them. Be persistent and patient. As the saying goes, nothing worth having comes easy. Happy client hunting!

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