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Best scale-able platforms for marketplaces ?

perguntado por Sandy76 28 janeiro, 2016

We need to finalize a platform for a our new stock marketplace. There are many micro-stock sites offering different stock products such as photos, video footage, templates etc running on various backend processes. Unless you are a developer yourself you cannot make out which platform is best suited & scale able for such businesses. With so many options around such as Woo-Commerce, osCommerce, Magento, all integrated with custom plugins, its really confusing to finalize. Can we see some suggestions coming in so that we can hire a team specializing in that area of expertise. Thanks

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I know it is a bit late to answer the question but I I've just noticed it. Let me just explain things that matter.
Theoretically any platform is infinitely scalable . To start a big project you need to plan phase by phase. You probably can not and should not try making everything at once . Also the framework needs to have the ability to accept plugins/modules. If your project grows really well which I expect it would , you'll think about mobile apps in future. To accept operations on mobile platforms properly , not just some webview apps, you'll api end points. Now you need some platform where things can be done/added by anyone anytime without going through all the codes and classes. Also that platform should be popular among developers, so that many of us understand what to expect.
Talking about popularity WordPress/woocommerce is definitely the most popular because of its simplicity, endless plugin points. Problem with it comes from the same. Mainly because of endless openings, partly due to database structure WordPress becomes slow. Also it has flexibility of coding almost as you prefer to do. It will show up with something . And everyone has got his/her own style which becomes harder for others to understand sometimes.
Talking about other kind platforms , are MVC framework like opencart. First of all they are dedicated to serve only one purpose, ecommerce. So database structure is more preferable . MVC frameworks follow a certain flow , in which you know exactly what to do at which point in case you have joined in the middle. Easier to open api endpoints. Most importantly you can actually have frontend and back end programmers working differently without needing much knowledge about what other people is doing.
In any case other than ecommerce where some kind of user management , or dynamic content addition/modifications are matter of concern I would recommend WordPress simply because so many things have already been done on that platform already.
I know woocommerce is the most popular platform but still I prefer opencart.

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