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Bids and Projects -- not enough info

perguntado por Michael Davis 17 janeiro, 2016

I am sure there is a flow to freelancer that I will figure out with experience. But it is hard for me to know what to bid when the project description says "Write a book" and the budget is 20-30 dollars or yen or whaever. Then I see Freelancers bidding, for example, $24 to have the project done in 1 day. And there is no text in the bid, it is just blank. So how does anyone connect with some realistic contract. I assume it is happening, since freelancers are showing $$$. I also see some projects saying they will pay $X for X number of words. The budget has what is apparently an arbitrary number, and then there are bids, with differing amounts. Are the bids and budgets just meaningless numbers, or is there some translation I am not getting? Should I just bid the lowest on every job and then give them the "real number" when they hire me?

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This is a very bad development on Freelancer but it happens often. If your new ... ignore such projects. It makes your life harder and the employee probably doesn't know what he wants. You could bid on it and when you get awarded you could wait for the employee to contact you to go over the full requirements before accepting the offer. That's what I would do. Don't accept the awarding of the job without discussing it in full with the employee because then you'll get scenarios like "Buy an apple" and end up buying and Apple iMac like Ritz Digitals explained.

When I started on Freelancer I only made a bid on projects I fully understood and was sure I could complete 100%.

So the key with a "blank" description is after you do your bid and it get's accepted, wait for the employer to give you the full requirements before accepting.

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Ritz Digitals
Ritz Digitals
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I agree with your Miachael, Just casious when you bidding in such projects. There are plenty of projects where you'll not get information. As you know there are 2 kind of of buyers as well as many kind of service provider. Let's talk about buyers.

Buyer 1: The real buyer will pay for the work you render services without any question. They are good. They post project as per their project budget.

Buyer 2: The smart buyer. They need everything and will pay you a peeny. They will ask you write a book. buy an apple etc. etc. They'll not provide you details i.e. what is apple. is it a fruit or apple iphone.. So you need to ask them before accepting project. These kind of smart buyer are in the board and always try to get more with a little penny. Last they might file a dispute mentioning "I'm not satisfy", "I didn't like your work", "I didn't like the design" etc. etc. and win the dispute easily.

So it's your responsibility to accept the job even bid before such project. Although I always ignore such kind of bid, but some time get caught and loose the dispute.

Anyway we need all of kind of buyer bad or good. It's our responsibility whether to loose the fund or ignore those.

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