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Hi, Almomawel A.

Choosing the right payment processing for your business involves dozens of decisions and quite a bit of research. To begin, it's necessary to understand the "three P's" of processing: players, payments and pricing.

Players. There are three main players when it comes to processing credit and debit card payments, whether online, via phone sales, or even in person. On one end is you, the business owner or merchant. On the other end is your customer. In between is a lot of technology that connects the two of you, such as the payment gateway and the payments processor.

Process. As a business owner, it's helpful to understand exactly how money moves from your customer to your business. There are two stages to payments processing: the authorization (approving the sale, which usually happens within seconds) and the settlement (getting the money in your account, which can take a few business days).

Pricing. There are several fees associated with payments processing, charged by each of the players, including the issuing bank, the credit card association (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), the merchant bank, and the payments processor.

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