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This is actually quite easy to do, though your results depend on how much demand exists for your services.

1. On the Work menu, under FIND WORK, click Browse Projects
2. Click the More Options button
3. Type a skill in the Skills box; for best results, use a keyword from suggested list (you are a translator, but typing "transl" brings up Translation, so click that
4. in the Job Types section, Uncheck Hourly Projects and Contests
5. Scroll down to the results
6. Click the column header labeled BIDS/ENTRIES so the the caret is pointing up (^)
7. Scroll up to the Job Types section and slide the minimum bid toward the right

By carefully adjusting the minimum bid, the number of results will decrease.
Unfortunately, if you don't also lower the maximum bid to something reasonable, you're going to see a lot of fake projects. But, now you know.

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