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Few Rules to get your first Job :
1) Bid Low
2) Write you are new here but you have expertise in specific domain
3) Search for low Bid jobs and low cost and bid on it
4) Make strong Portfolio

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Waleed Baig
Waleed Baig
respondidas 1 ano atrás

Hi Noshad,
I'll share my honest tips with you. I am an IT guy and doing good with very little efforts.

Bidding low [ DONT DO IT | IT DOESN'T MATTER ]

I'll put it simple and straight, even if you make an ERP or $1000 project for free no one's gonna hire you cause you have a 0 reviews and 0 projects on your portfolio, so first things first getting your first projects and portfolio done.

Getting First Projects:

Its quite easy, go to your 'projects with my skills' page and set max amount to $30 or your currency to the lowest.

Bid on those projects and notifications projects only. Because these clients don't care for your profile for $30 work. They want quick work done so they'll hire you with 0 reviews as well. Don't bid on projects greater than $50.

Making Contacts:
Don't by shy to add them on Skype. Its the most necesarry tool to make permanent clients. I have 2 who have rehired my few times.

Doing Good work:
Do good work, in beginning you'll have to be patient and may do more than you are getting paid, but do it! that's necessary in beginning.

Once you have like 10 to 20 reviews with lower budget projects, you can start to bid on $100 or more projects because you have now something to show on your profile.

Keeping Proposal Short:
I do like 100 to 140 chars max portfolio. Do like this:

Hi, I am interested in your project and I would like to know more details. Kindly drop a message so we can discuss.

Good luck!

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respondidas há 2 anos

The time period before getting the first project is very crucial for any freelancer. I am just sharing my experiences that might help you to get the first project.

1. Follow the job posting in depth to get idea about the type of stuff required to complete a project successfully. Then improve your skill accordingly and try to make few non commercial projects similar to the trends to show as portfolio.

2. Please stop bidding with lowest price. Try to provide decent budget that seems reasonable but try to make it lower than the average bid price.

3. Try to place bid in urgent type project keeping enough time in hand so that if client replies to your bid you can start rproject instantly.

4. Do not try to pretend you can do anything. Just represent your skills smartly and try to be honest about timeline and other ethical issues.

5. Finally, it is very important to be enough patient. Rather than placing 5 bids blindly without writing good proposal try to place one perfect bid asking relevant project questions and presenting your skills.

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Helping you to grow
Helping you to grow
respondidas há 2 anos

While there is a lot of specialised information depending on the type of work you want to do (which is not stated), some hard and fast info you can use is:

When putting in a proposal, direct it at your client rather than using a blanket statement about your experience and address any issues/potential issues they are facing. Let them know (very concisely) how you will solve their problem through your skills.

Ask your potential client a few questions to entice them to message you, which will really get the ball rolling.

Keep your bid price within their budget

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respondidas 1 ano atrás

As new to freelancer the first task is to obtain a great project i suppose. For which you can follow some of the simple rules or step :

1. Have confidence, make your profile the best with view of your skills, experience & great portfolio.
2. Try to get Freelancer Certifications you have many tests conducted here!!
3. Make bids it is essential for getting project. But try to make it low and competitive, give best bid Proposal with one or few required milestones.
4. Beware of dummy projects.
5. Most Employers award their project to the newbies for new lookout or experience of the task.
6. Please !! and when awarded a project kindly ask for the employer to create milestones before accepting the project. It is for making it safe from both the sides ie,. Freelancer & Employer sides.

Have great bidding, Thanks!! :):)

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Sheikh Asad
Sheikh Asad
respondidas 1 ano atrás

1) Verify your profile
2) Spend some time on your profile
3) Bid as low as possible
4) Never bid as low that the project owner think he/she don't know about field
5) Make strong portfolio
6) Bid for low budget projects

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respondidas 1 ano atrás

You must first understand that Marketing is all about perception. It doesn't matter how good or how bad you are. If you can get your target audience (here the employers) to notice you and to be impressed by what you have to say, you'll get the job subject to the following conditions:
1. The employer doesn't mind hiring newbies (not in your control)
2. The employer has not had horrible experiences with newbies before (not in your control)
3. The employer wants to try and reduce his spend on the project (which will allow you to undercut fellow freelancers)
4. The employer is not short of time (again not in your control)

Ground realities will show you that you won't be successful in your bids initially. This is because:

1. A lot of employers sneak in contact information and take the project outside freelancer (don't allow it - the chance of you losing money is so high, it's not worth working for it)
2. A lot of employers want things so cheap they'd complain of a high price if you gave it to them for free - you need to find the project that is worded in a manner that shows the employer is willing to pay for quality
3. You may happen to use template-based bids so you can maximise your bidding efficiency. Not recommended at all if you ask me - at least not in the initial stages. Write custom bids based on the customer requirements and the nature of work. If you can't do that, just look for a full-time job.
4. Familiarity tends to breed trust rather than contempt.

What you can do.
0. Create a portfolio - if you don't have any work, look at the projects that you would like to take up, create a sample work and add it to your portfolio. As the saying goes, if you're not employed, finding a job is your full-time job. Once you create a few portfolio items, you can flaunt it to your prospects and it instantly increases your chances of a win.
1. Bid, Bid, Bid - expect 0 awards in the first two months - but don't give up.
2. Evaluate yourself and fix your rate - When you see a project you like, try it out yourself - say there's a "design an emailer in photoshop" project you see - try it out yourself - check how much time it takes and arrive at an hourly rate. Multiply that by the amount of time you think it will take (based on realistic estimates), and quote your price.
3. Initially underbid a touch - but not like 60% of your hourly rate as calculated above - something above 75%. If you're desperate and anything will do, go down to 45% to 50% of your rate - never below that and never consistently below. This is because the projects will be visible for a very long time - so employers will know how much you quoted for your past projects and it can hurt your prospects in future.
4. Tailor your proposal to the precise requirements. Cite experiences from your life (realistic), to support your claim for experience in the skills required. Honesty wins - because even if you are awarded a project based on tall stories, your employer expectations will be as sky high - and it's grim whichever way you slice it.
5. Look for projects that you are confident of completing efficiently and quickly.
6. Find projects that have fewer bidders - it increases your chances.
7 (Most important) - Retract your bids when you see a project not getting awarded and there are like a hundred bids. It will give you the opportunity to bid on projects you may have a better chance at winning.
8. If you can afford it, take the examinations - They are a good way of making you stand out, and also qualify for projects that mandate minimum qualifications.
9. Take the free trial for a plus membership because it allows you to bid more, showcase more skills and have a bigger portfolio.

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respondidas 1 ano atrás

Hello Christain
The best way to attract your client is:
1) you must have a great portfolio
2)Bid on lower budget project
3)Build trust on smaller project
4)Must promise to provide a better service and strictly follow them
5) Tell the client that you are a money and time saver guy.
6)Be active always

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Giorgos Fotopoulos
Giorgos Fotopoulos
respondidas 1 ano atrás

Create a portfolio and build a specific profile for the jobs that you want. Although you might not have reviews, you have the profile description to insert all the knowledge you have and persuade the employer. Dont forget you need to bid real low in order to get any project and till you have at least 10 reviews you must remain to low bids. Also, if you are a new user, you get one month of professional membership, so this is your month, give everything you have!

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