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As Creations
As Creations
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They have policy, once excluded then you need to close that account and create new account of your friend name, because once excluded will not spare, you will be treated as criminal. I did asked them so many time, about there is no way we can let know our contest host that we are working on some idea, so upload a notice image. Then they introduce new feature, but completely ignore me as criminal for rest of my life. LOL. I don't work with them any more now.
I don't understand we are paying them big part of our earning but i did request them numerous time for it, asked them to charge me some penalty or i will upgrade my account to any membership plan if they can do anything, but they have only one answer once excluded never be spare. That was like you murder, or they don't have good developer that can help them to solve this problems, anyways keep trying or spend same time for your own, built a real online portfolio and spend on little on google advert, simultaneously find jobs locally. It is correct way of having a respected carrier, i hope.

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