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My approach to your creation

This is not vector file. But i guess you don't need it? You want a high rez. cool title on made art, that you can use later for tiles, cards etc. Is that correct? BTW: i like art of your friend.

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  • jjcoveyou
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 8 anos atrás

    This is good! Yes, I want to logo to go on the Box, and other items so i can tell people about the game. I like how you focused on just the illustrating and designing the text and did not design another object. I don't really want another object I want the text designed.

    • 8 anos atrás
    1. sensusgin
      • 8 anos atrás

      It's great that I understood you correctly. If you what some tweaks in this design just point out. If some detail "hurts your eye" just say it i will try to make your vision.

      • 8 anos atrás